“Do we really know anybody?” asks mother of Kansas man accused of murdering 4 people

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(On Left) Tammy McCoy, Flack's mother (On Right) Kyle Flack in court- Courtesy Ottawa Herald

OTTAWA, Kan. —  After a day and a half of testimony in the preliminary hearing, a Franklin County, Kan., judge determined on Wednesday that prosecutors have enough evidence to try Kyle Flack, 28, for the April 2013 murders of four people.

Flack’s mother, Tammy McCoy, was in the courtroom as prosecutors presented their evidence. She listened as each witness testified  in support of the prosecution’s belief that Flack brutally killed Steven White, 31, Andrew Stout, 30, Kaylie Bailey, 21, and 18-month-old Lana Bailey. She listened as authorities described the way each died.

White was shot in the head and chest. Stout was killed by five shotgun blasts to the head, neck and back. Kaylie Bailey was raped, bound, gagged and shot in the back of the head and neck.

The baby was shot in the back with a shotgun. A pathologist testified that Lana didn’t die immediately, and was stuffed in a suitcase and later dumped in a creek.

“Anybody is capable of violence. Anybody can get mad. But what he’s accused of doing in that house, I can’t see my son doing,” said McCoy, in an exclusive interview with FOX 4’s Shannon O’Brien.

McCoy said she was especially close to Andrew Stout.  He and Kyle had been friends for a long time.

“Andrew was my son for 23 years,” McCoy said. “The boys were all brothers. He called me ‘mom’ half the time.”

McCoy said she still loves her son. When asked if, after hearing all the testimony, she thinks he’ll be found guilty, McCoy said she thinks he’ll go to prison for some of the charges.

“I don’t think he’ll be found guilty of everything there, but he’s not innocent of everything,” she said. “He’s got problems.”

Flack will be arraigned on April 22. Prosecutors have seven days after that to decide if they will pursue the death penalty for Kaylie and Lana’s murders.  According to prosecutors, there are specific criteria necessary for a murder to be considered a ‘capital’ crime, and White and Stout’s murder did not qualify.

Vic Braden, Kansas deputy attorney general and part of the prosecution team, said the decision to seek the death penalty is a ‘deliberate and thoughtful process.’

McCoy said she doesn’t know what happened in that house anymore than anyone else does, but she said her heart goes out to all the victims’ families.

“To find out Kyle is accused of it,” she said while remembering the group of friends. “I know my son better than that, I think, but do we really know anybody? I don’t know.”

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  • Jo

    I hope this comment gets back to the judge and everybody in this case. This man is sick, he does NOT need to be on the streets EVER again. Can you imagine how this mother felt? I’m not sure if the baby died before the mother or after, but either way she knew she was dead or knew she would be. What he did to her was awful, then to know what would happen to her daughter or what did, and as for the baby, can you imagine how scared she was? She will never be able to go to school, never be able to drive her first car, graduate, go to college, marry her soul mate, never have children of her own. Why? Because of a sick, twisted selfish man who took that from her. Who could even hurt a baby or child? Let alone the fact she was still alive after he shot her, how could he look at her then? Ill tell you who, a disgusting, selfish, horrible, sick, twisted person. He took her precious life. Along with three other people. They had families, people who loved them. He took them from them. He doesn’t deserve a little 10, or even 50 years in prison. He deserves to stay in there for the rest of his life, so he can’t ever hurt anyone else again. My hearts go out to all of the families, I’d like to say im sorry for this tragedy. It shouldn’t have happend. Remember, know matter what happens, god is our last judge.

  • armstrong

    I watched your reporter deliver a decent report, but she
    Needed to take a few seconds to verify names. The Judge
    Is pernounced “Socksee”. Please get it correct if there is anymore
    About this horrid person.

  • Caren Rugg

    I know a lot of people will be advocating the death penalty for this guy. In my mind, that’s too easy for him. He’s young. Decades in a concrete and metal cell force him to live with his actions. The death penalty ends it for him. He needs to live a long, long time, alone and miserable. And let’s not forget that those in prison have their own honor code. They do not tolerate harming children. They would subject him to some familiar experiences, though he would be the victim and not the perpetrator then. His disregard for life is chilling, and he needs to be removed from society.

  • Heather Hampton-Deleon

    I can not believe that this station has the nerve to show Lana, dead, in that suitcase. What is wrong with you people? Being a family member, I am going to speak for all of us, take that picture down! How utterly careless of this station and its reporter to think that picture should be shown on television. What are you trying to shock people to watch your programming? Myself, I am done with this station! I have other means to get the news and will be using them. Obviously this station is full of sick individuals who get off on shock value and feel nothing about using a picture of a dead 18 month old baby to get viewers.

  • Amanda Moss

    For the sake of my sister and my niece, and for justice to be served to the fullest extent, please kill him back, don’t let him live on the tax payers dollar any longer than he already has.

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