Joe’s Weather Blog: What A Day It Was!

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I thought I’d start the blog talking a bit about yesterday’s weather. It really was an amazing day to watch things unfold…and I’m sure it’s happened sometime in the past but going from 80° in Downtown KC to snow/sleet/graupel in about 6-8 hours is pretty impressive if I say so myself.

Let’s start with the temperatures and how they preformed yesterday. Take a look at this temperature trace showing the rise from 6AM to the fall at around 7PM last night. This trace is for downtown KC. Again it should be noted that our high temperature between hours was 80°


Here is a text printout for downtown KC that shows the data with a bit more frequency to it.


In 3 hours we dropped some 26° and then we really dropped after that.

As this was all occurring rain started to break out and eventually we saw convection break out as well. Then the entire atmosphere started to cool off…this created a combination of sleet and graupel. Graupel is a weather term that we use to describe small soft hail. It forms when super-cooled water droplets freeze on snowflakes. Technically it’s not the same as sleet. Even the appearance of it is a bit different…instead of clear-ish ice…it’s more opaque or white. Here is more information about the phenomena.

It was really coming down…then as all that was happening you had the strong winds which gusted to almost 50 MPH in spots. Some of the strongest winds played out like this…

Downtown: 41 MPH
Olathe: 47 MPH
St Joseph: 47 MPH
Lees Summit: 43 MPH
Gardner: 51 MPH
Chillicothe: 43 MPH
Sedalia: 40 MPH

Pretty impressive…but yet so fleeting as the colder airmass that moved in overnight will start to move away tonight and while it should be a frosty start in the morning…we primed for another significant warm-up tomorrow thanks to the increasing power of March sunshine and a SW wind flow at 10-20 MPH or so. Another day where temperatures will increase very quickly and by the end of the day we should max out well into the 60s. Strong winds overnight will keep temperatures up tomorrow night as well.

We’d normally expect even warmer weather on Friday but there will be a weak front sliding through the region in the morning. This will switch the winds towards the NW and while the cool air moving in is not that strong…it should be enough to keep highs from reaching tomorrow’s levels (but I think still in the 60s).

Saturday looks mild as well…so we’re on a bit of a roll. A stronger front will move in later Saturday as a rather strong disturbance moves through the southern Plains. We should get at least some cloud cover in the afternoon but another mild day is coming (60s). Sunday should be chillier…perhaps somewhat like today…maybe a bit cooler because that airmass will have a bit more Canadian air to work with as it pushes through the upper Midwest.

By the way the storm responsible for all the weather dramatics last night is moving into the interior NE with blizzard conditions for parts of NY and New England. they may need a yard stick to measure the snow amounts in the higher elevations. Here is a look at radar in that part of the country.


Lots a cities up there are reporting heavy snow and blizzard conditions as I type this. Blizzard warnings are in effect from near Oswego to almost Erie, PA. This is the 1st time in at least 40 years that Buffalo has seen 2 blizzards in two months!

Here is how much additional snow is expected from the storm over the next couple of days…


Impressive storm, whether it’s effects were here or there!

Have a great afternoon!



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  • richard jones

    Hi Joe . You touched on my question at the beginning of your blog. I was wondering what the most extreme temperature swing from Hi to Lo recorded really was . Yesterday was crazy ! You guy’s are awesome and entertaining !

  • Jennifer Bronson

    Hi Joe! Well Tuesday helped further the whole theory on crazy weather shifts and migraines. I ended up with a whopper of a migraine Tuesday night that put me out of commission most of the day yesterday. I didn’t think about it, but should have taken my medicine Tuesday morning when you guys said that the weather was going to take a crazy shift. I will remember going forward.


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