Joe’s Weather Blog: A Sunday Speed Bump

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Good afternoon on a beautiful Thursday afternoon around the KC area with temperatures right now in the 60s and bright sunshine throughout the region.

The US satellite picture is a quiet one today…as the big northeastern snowstorm has moved away after leaving a bunch of snow in parts of the northeast part of the country. Here in the Midwest, hardly any clouds can be found.


About the only area of precipitation on noteworthiness is in Maine right now…

In the storms wake some 10-25″ feel through parts of the interior northeast. The ski resorts got themselves a nice little bonus for the spring breakers over the next 7+ days…and there may be more for them next week.


Click on the graphic above for a better view of the snow that fell yesterday.

A weak front is going to move into the area tomorrow morning…the front is barely showing up now across the upper Midwest but will look a bit better later this evening. I can almost show it to you a little better by going a few thousand feet above the ground and utilizing the RAP model valid at 4AM Friday morning with the boundary moving into the region. Notice the wind bards…they’re cranking from the SW at over 50 kts…that means temperatures for tonight will not drop much as the breeze should stir up a bit more compared to now.


The air behind this front is really not that cold at all…and I still think that we could manage 60° tomorrow as the winds drop off in the afternoon despite a north wind. Saturday should be milder with highs well into the 60s as the winds switch towards the south.

Over the weekend we’re going to watch an interesting storm that is off the coast of British Columbia now…you can see it via the satellite image from Environment Canada.


That storm will move into the Pacific NW tomorrow…then move down through the Rockies on Saturday and move out through the Plains on Sunday. As it does so it will split into a couple of pieces…so it will make things a bit more complicated to track. The NAM shows this nicely as we go up to about 18,000′ (500mb level). Look towards the upper left side for the storm and follow it’s path.


MOST of the significant rain will be towards the south of the KC area. As colder air dumps in the backside of the storm…and as some upper level energy trails this…a developing area of rain and perhaps even some snow should form in the Plains region. Forecast soundings are supportive of snow at some point on Sunday morning…as temperatures fall through the atmosphere. It’s a weird set-up as the main circulation is well south of the region.

Here is the forecast map for 7PM Saturday showing the cold air towards the Great Lakes pushing SWwards…a developing surface low in the Plains with cold air rushing south through the Rockies and the mild weather on top of a lot is going on there!


So regardless of what happens Sunday (perhaps a wintry mix with snowflakes at the end) it doesn’t look like a pleasant day.

Monday’s holiday looks better after a cold morning start (20s) we should warm up to near 55° by the end of the day.

Another storm is due in later Tuesday into Wednesday with additional rain chances and perhaps some tail end snow chances with that as well.

I have a feeling I’ll be writing more about the Sunday storm tomorrow…something weird can happen with it…hopefully though not for the KC area.

Enjoy this beautiful weather!




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1 Comment

  • Amae

    Seems to be a speed bump on the blog today Joe. It has been very slow to load, and the 2nd graphic, depicting Maine, never loaded at all, the 3 times that I have been here.
    But thank you again for a good write-up Joe. March Madness is definitely here weather-wise !