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Couple finds love at Big 12 Championship

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Thousands of people crowded the Power and Light District Friday for day three of the Big 12 Championship in Kansas City. Often times when people visit a place, they’re in search of good food and a fun time, but what about a spouse?

FOX 4 caught up with a couple who met at the Big 12 and now this tournament holds extra special meaning for them.

Dressed in white, flowers in hand, Kris Fish Kuhlmann was the picture-perfect bride.

“Rick proposed on a Thursday and we were married the following Wednesday. We both had on something Iowa State,” she said.

“I knew that’s where she wanted to get married, and I knew it had to be there,” her husband Rick Dobesh said

The pair was married on campus at Iowa State last June. Originally from Iowa, Fish Kuhlmann has lived in Kansas City for 15 years. It was on her annual trip back to the metro for the Big 12 Championship where she met her future husband.

It all began at Kelly’s in Westport, just down the road from all the basketball action at Sprint Center. While fans were focused on points and scores Rick and Kris were focused on each other.

“When I saw her at Kelly's and I saw the type of personality that she had, and the love for Iowa State, I mean, it was easy.” Dobesh said

The couple hit it off and continued the relationship back in Iowa.

“It’s crazy how her and I have unique stories before we met, like everybody does, but it was just like it was meant to be,” the doting husband said.

They became husband and wife about year after they met and come back to Kansas City each year for the Big 12 Championship.

“Because we met here, it’s almost like an anniversary every year that we’re here,” Fish Kuhlmann explained.

The pair celebrates basketball and love each year at the Big 12.

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