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Joe’s Weather Blog: Tale Of Two Seasons

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We’ve enjoyed some nice days…yesterday was about as good as you can do with temperatures near 70° and a nice breeze blowing through the region. Today we’re starting with some clouds, that shouldn’t last too long and temperatures which as of this writing are near 50° should warm into the 60s before the day is done…a bit cooler than yesterday.

Here is the 9AM surface map showing the front that I blogged about yesterday moving through the region. This front is, as you can see by the temperatures in RED, pretty weak overall…and already through the western Plains the winds are starting to switch back towards the south…indicating to me the push of “cooler” air will be relatively brief for today.


Overall the weather through tomorrow evening looks to be very nice…so the remainder of the BIG 12 tournament will be in great shape!

Then there is the matter of Sunday as a storm in the mid-upper part of the atmosphere digs through the northern Rockies and into the Plains on Sunday. The storm now is off the WA/OR coastliine.


The storm will move through the N Rockies and then drop towards the SSE into the Plains states…as it does so, initially it will bring in milder air tomorrow…then as the storm passes it will usher in colder weather for Sunday. As this process occurs there may be some lift leftover to create some sort of wintry mix or snow in parts of the area to finish the weekend…the best timing on that would be before lunch on Sunday. Here is how the NAM model portrays the rain/snow chances…


For timing purposes…00Z is 7PM…06Z is 1AM…12Z is 7AM…and 18Z is 1PM.

Here is a look at the forecast radar for 7AM Sunday off the latest NAM model.


This is going to be a decent+ looking storm and as I track it through the weekend, and by Sunday will have that familiar comma head look to it during the day.

Ahead of the storm, as I mentioned…we’ll be warm…but we’ll be watching two colder airmasses…one through the Plains and another towards the lakes…look at the forecasted temperatures for 4PM tomorrow off the NAM model.


You can clearly see the bubble of warmth from I-80 near Des Moines southwards through the southern Plains!

It will be pretty cold in the upper Midwest…and that cold air comes in early Sunday morning. Forecast soundings continue to indicate that temperatures by daybreak will be close to 30-35° and highs on Sunday afternoon only will be around 35°, give or take a couple…this will be about 30-35° colder than Saturday!

The cold air will again be brief, as a matter of fact temperatures aloft will be warming up before daybreak on Monday (but MON AM will still be int he 20s) but we should see a pretty quick warm-up on Monday to near 60°. Since the parade is closer to noon temperatures may only be around 45 for the parade but warm up as the parade moves along into the 50s…not too bad and there should be sunshine mixed in with some clouds.

Finally a big thank you to KC Pet Project..they had were having their Hoops for Hounds and allowed me to be the MC last night…GREAT time at Boulevard Brewery which is one of my favorite locations in KC for a party!


Thanks gang!

Have a great weekend…take the dog out for an extra long walk tomorrow!


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