Body of missing 28-year-old woman is found

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GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. -- The body of a missing woman was found just blocks from where she was last seen, nearly two months ago.

Amber Jo Bradley-Couch went missing after she was last seen at Whiskey Tango in Grain Valley on Jan 19, 2014.

Amber Jo Bradley-Couch went missing after she was last seen at Whiskey Tango in Grain Valley on Jan 19, 2014.

28-year-old Amber Jo Bradley-Couch was the young woman who vanished after going to a Grain Valley, Mo. bar on January 19.

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"We're talking about a block, block and a half from where she was last seen," said Police Chief Aaron Ambrose of the Grain Valley Police Dept.

It was just a short walk from Whiskey Tango, the bar where Bradley-Couch was last seen, where a man walking his dog found her body Saturday.

The location, behind a steel company, where Amber Jo Bradley-Couch was found.

The location, behind a steel company, where Amber Jo Bradley-Couch was found.

"It's kind of on the backside of a hill in a ditch area, which you know, and lately with all the snow we've had probably would have been in a snow packed area," said Chief Ambrose.

Police say based on her condition when found police don't think she was shot or stabbed, but say they aren't ruling out foul play.

"If anybody has any information come forward maybe this might be the spark that ignites that person or individuals to come forward,” said Chief Ambrose. “There are still a lot of questions we have."

Angela Trent, Bradley-Couch's sister, doesn't think Bradley-Couch's death was an accident.

"My suspicions, I don't know exactly what happened yet but I'm assuming that somebody did something to her," said Trent.

Trent says she'll remember her sister as an outgoing mom.

"She was full of life, her daughter was her world," said Trent.

While holding out hope for the truth.

"Pray and hope for justice and find answers of what happened that night," said Trent.

Bradley-Couch leaves behind a four-year-old daughter. Trent says an autopsy was performed on Sunday.

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  • Sheila Maberry

    They reported it on February 6–the news report from the 9th said she was last seen at Whiskey Tango and somehow the police ruled out “foul play” with that plethora of evidence. I would say they didn’t do their due diligence in this matter, at all. Now a little girl has no Mother. I am curious why this wasn’t seen as a missing persons case or worse.

  • David

    Hey all you Monday morning quarter back detectives out there, do the world a favor. If you do not know the facts, leave your shoe in your mouth. That way you don’t make stupid comments based on what the media has put out.
    So with that out over the way. Fact she was at Whiskey Tangos. Fact whether you realize it, about 99% of people go there to DRINK ALCOHOL! Therefore she may have been very intoxicated. Which in turn may have contributed to the cause of death out in freezing weather. Look it up, it happens. Fact she was found where she was probably covered by snow. And last but not least, if I have a family member who has a 4 yr. old daughter at home, I sure as hell am not going to wait TWO WEEKS! to report her missing. So before you go blaming the police, the bar and everybody else that walks past you in a day, do as any responsible person should do. Engage your your brain before you open your mouth. That way you don’t have to leave that shoe I was talking about in your mouth. Because I hear that the sole of a shoe don’t taste to good.

  • Heather Pittsenbarger

    I just find it interesting that she was reported missing for weeks and Grain Valley Police Department states, “no foul play is suspected”. That is ridiculous. But this is also a police department that allows my x-husband to drive around with no drivers licence and expired tags. Our chief of police in Grain Valley does nothing for our people and protects people that are in the wrong. I’m so sorry this poor mother’s family and my thoughts and prayers go out to them.

  • Cakes

    The fact that a 4 year old child is now motherless breaks my heart. As someone before me mentioned, the fact that she wasnt reported missing for a couple weeks leads me to believe that she may have ran off for extended periods on a regular basis. I imagine this is why foul play was not suspected. Im sure this tid bit of info is what made the difference in a missing person (search) being done and a report just being filed. Because my family knows Im coming home every night there would be no hesitation. I believe the police feed off of the emotion or intensity thats conveyed by the reportees….sad to say the least.

    • Ms Kailua Kona

      Live by the Sword.

      Die by the Sword.

      I got that same picture an unfit mother who shirks her responsibility of being a mother by pawning off her kid to whoever is there to watch her so she can hit the redneck bar. Why wait two weeks? It must be two things: #1 The family doesn’t care #2 The family is used to her disappearing for weeks at a time. Either scenario tho’ I guessing it was the second one apparently Heather wasn’t ready to be a full time mother/father it’s tough yet it’s worth it.

  • B

    It’s obvious that none of you knew Amber. I knew Amber and I cared for her a great deal. The focus should be on how unfortunate it is that she passed away so young, and under mysterious circumstances, and the police and news entities need focused on getting to the truth of what happened. Why was her car found in blue springs and her body found so close to where she was last seen?. Those of us who knew and loved Amber are grieving, and have been grieving since the day she went missing. Her daughter has certainly lost the most. It’s all very sad. My heart is broken and I hope they can figure thisout. We deserve answers and if necessary, justice. But will it ever come? LOVE you Amber, til we meet again….

  • a

    first of all you can not believe everything in the news. they didn’t do updates as needed. The car was found unrelated to the disappearance of Amber, 2nd no one knows why they waited so long to report her missing, next and finally you can not sit here and say stuff unless you have been thru the experience, We need to let the police do their job with the facts that they have and that are given to them. Love you Amber Jo

  • M

    Wow most of you need to find something else to do with your time then commented on a person’s death who you guys don’t even know! You guys apparently didn’t know her & have no room to JUDGE! None of you have the right to judge anyone you guys will all be judged one day by our maker & I am sure you guys aren’t perfect! So get a life! It’s sad you guys are making rude & ignorant comments about my friend & her life that effects her family!

    • Joe

      M: You are judging us for judging her. Go figure. Maybe it is you are your friend who should have gotten a life because now hers is gone. Hanging out in a redneck bar getting drunk is not really living life to it’s fullest, especially when you have a little girl at home. It does sound like Amber had a habit of getting drunk and not coming home so I really don’t want to hear the nonsense from her family about how much she loved her daughter, blah, blah, blah.

      • Joe

        M: You and Amber sound like 2 peas in a pod. Stop defending her actions. Sounds like you may be just like her. If you want to get stupid drunk on the weekends, don’t have kids and if you don’t want to be found after the snow thaws, don’t drink so much.

  • L

    Wow. I’ve thought a lot about this. We grew up in the same town together, so its been on my mind. To whom ever said its not the responsibility for a policeman to search for every drunk girl that goes missing…well that’s just an ignorant statement. who are we as humans to judge someone elses idea of living life to the fullest..maybe that wasn’t her idea of living it up. I’ve never commented on blogs or feeds or whatever you guys call this because I live my life to my idea of the fullest…which is certainlly not the same as you people that think u know what she was “like”. I don’t know and neither do you. Only her close friends and family did. So shame on you people.