Joe’s Weather Blog: Well That Was Fun!

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You got to hand it to Mother Nature…every so often to comes up with some interesting weather around these parts and for the 2nd time this week…allowed us to really warm up …then delivered the hammer with sleet and snow within about 6-12 hours. We did it earlier in the week…and we did it again last night and early this AM.

Temperatures the 1st time it happened peaked at 80° in downtown KC…yesterday downtown KC hit 75°…then within hours it was in the mid 30s and sleeting then snowing. We had minor accums around the area (under 1″) and mainly on exposed surfaces and grassy areas. Rainfall was generous for some…and now really for others. In the metro amounts ranged from about 1/10″ to almost 1″ in the thunderstorm activity that moved across the area late yesterday evening. Others surrounding KC didn’t even get that much.

The storm has now shifted down into E AR and the deep south…it’s an impressive storm with a large dry slot, that may help out with NASCAR this afternoon…


Here is a look at the satellite picture of what’s going on…skies are clearing to our immediate NW and we should see sunshine later this afternoon. Our high for the day may occur before sunset this evening.


Tomorrow will be fine, but a cold start with temperatures near 20°…by parade time we’ll be in the 40s and the afternoon highs will be near 55°.

Another strong but moisture starved storm will move through the Plains and upper Midwest on Tuesday. This will be a compact storm but intense none the less. Ahead of the storm, south winds will allow warmer air to move into the area tomorrow night and early Tuesday, then a front will sweep through and usher in cooler weather for later Tuesday into Wednesday.

There will be an initial wind shift around lunchtime…that will be a trof that moves through, the cooler air will lag behind the initial wind shift and arrive later in the day. Here is the forecast map for 1PM Tuesday.



We should still pop well into the 60s on Tuesday and drop a few degrees on Wednesday.

You know me and statistics…I find them fascinating and weather + stats go hand in hand…so with that said here is a look at how we’re doing in a variety of categories over the past month, months year and years…the data is through yesterday.

ScreenHunter_01 Mar. 16 13.22

Couple of things…1) the persistent cold that continues…we are still in the past calendar year from 3/16/13-yesterday at the 2nd all-time coldest in that time frame (impressive) and also note the dry category in the past two years (8th driest).

That’s it for today…it’s been quite the ride over the past week or so!


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