Joe’s Weather Blog: KC Snow Chances

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Lots of clouds out there today have cut back our warming potential…but some areas SE of the KC area are doing pretty good today ahead of colder air that is moving towards the region. We will sort of get a couple of waves of chillier weather move through the region…one coming in later this evening then a re-enforcing surge of colder air over the weekend and another shot early next week. The end result of all this will be a step down trend in the temperatures…from around 70° yesterday to 60° or so today to 45-50° tomorrow…the lower 40s on Sunday and perhaps only the 30s on Monday.

Take a look at the 2PM temperatures in the region…even with NW winds it’s not bad here..notice also for areas SE/S of the KC area…things are in the 70s. The temperatures in the following image are in RED

Take a look at the map above…you can see the front towards the Lake Of The Ozarks…notice the wind arrows switching directions from the S/SW to the N/NW.

The day that will be watched the most is Monday…and whenever we start talking about late March snows as you might suspect it gets a lot dicier because it’s tougher for the atmosphere as a whole to support snow. With that said the biggest snowstorm in KC weather history occurred in late March… so we all know it can happen.

There will be an upper level impulse coming down through the NW flow on Monday. Ahead of this feature there should be a lot of mid-level moisture that will be increasing in our area later on Sunday…then as a surface storm moves SEwards the track of the storm will play a major role in whether or not we have to worry about snow in the KC area, or if most will be closer towards the IA border…

Take a look at the forecast surface map for 1PM on Monday…


You can clearly see how IF the storm is farther S we would be in the colder air…and if it was N the opposite would occur…at this point forecasting the path of the storm within about 100 miles is impossible…but there certainly is a player on the table for an accumulating snow for somebody…and it’s something to watch over the weekend.

I’ve been distracted by a few things this afternoon. I was going to write a bit about the drought that’s not a drought but is a drought around the region. I may delve into that over the weekend or next week on Monday depending on the outcome of the storm heading this way.

Have a great weekend and I’ll get a blog update out tomorrow before my Billikens play at 1:45 (and probably get crushed by Louisville…although IF Mercer could win who knows what can happen during March Madness)


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  • Amae

    “about the drought that’s not a drought but is a drought around the region”
    Joe, That is what I came here to ask you about. Are we in a drought..I think we are….going on 3 yrs now. Sure seems like it is, even though last summer was not terribly hot, until the first week of Sept…our first triple digit of the summer, if I remember right. But still we were very dry, even though not extremely hot most of the summer.
    And the dry continued through January..and now again.
    So, that is the question. Are we in a drought ?
    Thanks Joe

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