UMB Bank customers closely watching accounts following compromise

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Several UMB Bank customers have new debit cards and account numbers headed their way, following what the bank is calling a “proactive step.”

The bank sent out an email to customers titled, “An important message regarding your Visa debit card account.”

“UMB has been notified of a compromise at a merchant where records show you recently made a purchase using a UMB-issued debit card,” read the email, calling the measure a “proactive step to reissue a new card and account number to you and other cardholders involved in this compromise.”

The bank said not everyone who received the email was affected and apologized for the inconvenience.

FOX 4 spoke with Pam Waldeck, who said this is the second time in six months she’s received this type of notice from her bank. Waldeck called the bank to find out what happened.

“They said that Visa doesn’t provide it to them. Visa only provides to them that data has been breached and that they won’t tell them where, they’ll just tell them what customers were affected," she said.

Waldeck doesn't know for sure whether her account was targeted or who may have her information.

“Being that it’s happened to me twice in six months, I do feel like the vendor has a responsibility to me to protect my information, and if they can’t protect it, then maybe they shouldn't take credit cards, or maybe they should come up with an alternative way to protect their customers,” she said.

She said she was glad UMB Bank is changing her card, even if it is an inconvenience.

“I'm thankful that they catch these things quickly and do send out a card, though I haven't necessarily been a victim or been breached, but it's a pain,” said Waldeck.

Jana Castanon with Apprisen explained data breaches can stem from purchases in person or online.

“I think the online banking is a trend and the more comfortable consumers are with it, the more the technology is going to grow in that direction,” said Castanon.

Technology growth that comes with tips to protect your online identity.

“Monitor your account constantly. Don’t wait until you receive that statement. Most financial institutions have that ability that you can go on and check your account. The sooner that you’re able to catch something that might be fraudulent on the account, the sooner they can shut down the account and prevent it from going any further,” continued Castanon.

Waldeck believes this problem started for her a few months back.

“This year for Christmas I did everything online, and I feel like that is where this started, is all of my online shopping, so I think I’ll just go back to my old-fashioned cash in the store,” said Waldeck.

Please click here for tips on how to Protect Your Online Identity, provided by Jana Castanon with Apprisen.

FOX 4 also spoke with the VP/Manager of Corporate Communication at UMB Bank who provided a link to the company’s blog about how to protect your identity.

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  • Chris

    Go ahead and click on the link to see the vast number of things that deep pocket Banks want to put on the back of their CUSTOMERS, its unbelievable the stuff we Americans will tolerate, in Europe they don’t have thiis egregious behavior, they have super secure chipped cards. I suggest we as Americans grow a pair and demand change, if we could just organize under a common good cause, like this Nation did 300 years ago on its way to becoming the most powerful nation in the world….not anymore, corrupt leaders lead to a dying nation, I pray we wake up, our enemies woke up and united and stole the country out from underneath us. I say WAKE up to the true Americans that made this country, and in nothing be decieved by our enemies.