Boss draws the ire of employee, who leaves note for the world to see

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A former BP gas station employee may be hitting the streets looking for a new job, but not before he left in something of a blaze of glory. Affiliate WXMI-FOX 17 reports that a note the employee left for his tardy boss has picked up the Internet’s full attention.

Part of the note that was seen in a picture sent to WXMI read in a couple of parts: “Hey boss, learn to be on time or at least communicate when you are going to be late.” and “Fire me if you must, but realize I walked due to YOUR negligence.”

WXMI reached out the BP manager, who said she was running late because she hadn’t heard her alarm clock and the employee hadn’t contacted her or any other employees. The author has since seen his note posted to the popular social media site Reddit and a local blog in the Grand Rapids area.

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  • Tom Griffin

    A lot of Management treat their employees just like this. Lets see just how far it goes with other employees ringing in on their jobs. When your there YOUR stuck. The way this played out I bet it wasn’t the Managers FIRST time being late. Maybe the owner will see this and offer you the job of being the Manager and kick her to the curb !

  • Terry Roberts

    She’s the boss, it’s her job to be there and make sure everyone else is, not the other way around. If it had been the employee, don’t you think she would have reprimanded the employee? If this person had to walk because boss was not there then maybe the employee left because it was cold and didn’t know what was happening that a boss was not there for an hour after employee was to clock in. Would boss still pay employee for standing outside?

  • Joe

    When you buy a home you cannot really afford and 90% of what you pay goes to the banker in interest, you have become a slave to your boss and your banker. You better stay puckered up and bent low because the moment you look at the boss wrong, you can say good bye to that overly expensive home that you should never have bought. Hope your lips don’t get tired because when the boss let’s you go, you will need to start smooching the banker’s behind. He will let you grovel for a while but after your kisses get old, your house will be gone.

  • Joe

    Not being overloaded with debt allows one to write any letter that they want to their boss. I will never understand why smart people continue to live beyond their means. It causes nothing but problems and stress in ones life. It also means you better be on your best behavior at work and if you boss is an asho, live with it. You made your bed when you kept spending more than you earn.