City at odds with Google over lack of fiber

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Watching Google Fiber expand all over the metro has left people in one city feeling left out and upset. City leaders in Overland Park are hoping to reconnect with Google to bring the high-speed internet to town.

City leaders told FOX 4 they've been calling Google all week to reach some sort of agreement, but the company says it's decided to focus on the Missouri side for now. Just months ago Google Fiber announced it wanted to provide high-speed internet to the area.

That was in September.

Council members took a month or so to look over the fine print of the contract. By October city council was ready, but Google said they took too long and decided not to sign. Now people in the community are starting petitions.

Some even created a Facebook page in hopes of banding Overland Park together on the issue. They say they feel duped out of the high-speed service. Even though Google Fiber has said they are only focusing on Missouri, Overland Park officials on the Kansas side say they have signed their part of the contract and will continue to push for the company to come here.

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  • Joe Quinn (@jmquinn72)

    Hopefully folks in OP realize this is likely not a big deal. Even with cities such as Shawnee and Lenexa listed as inking deals with Google it is quite likely 1-2 years down the road before installation begins.

    Don’t get all worked up about this as the infrastructure build out will probably work out in your favor in due time.

    • Joe

      You don’t seem to understand, they want it NOW! Of course, the self absorbed folks of OP think they should have been first even though they were last to sign the agreement. According to OP, that shouldn’t make any difference because they are OP,Ks folks and they believe whole heartedly that they are better than anyone living in MO.

  • JoCo MoFo's

    Oh, the poor Johnson County people crying over the internet. How funny! When I get my fiber hooked up soon you can come over and check it out. Just kidding, I don’t allow snobs in my house!

  • Joe

    OP city leaders don’t know how to take “no” for an answer. They say they signed the agreement now but this is months after it was due. I guess when you grow up in OP, that feeling of entitlement doesn’t go away.