Man sees new home displaced by twister that moved through Jameson

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

JAMESON, Mo. – Severe weather spawned a tornado that ripped through parts of northwest Missouri on Thursday and the clean-up efforts are well underway. One location FOX 4 visited on Friday was a spot where a trailer home used to be, but now all that remains is a front deck.

The rest was scattered, some debris launched as a far as a quarter to half-mile away.

“I actually got a kitchen sink down there and a washer and dryer down there, and there`s some clothes in a pond down further,” said Kayle Hefley.

He rushed home from work Thursday when he heard tornadoes touched down in the area.

“I already had a sick feeling, I get here and see this,” he said.

His brand new home was destroyed and his seven-month-old dog, Onyx, who had been in his crate in the mobile home was gone.

“This hurts,” he lamented.

A neighbor who came to help said they saw a husky in a field about a half mile away. When Hefley and his girlfriend ran over there, they saw a familiar friend.

“He was running around in the field like nothing happened,” said Hefley. “Just ecstatic he made it.”

Onyx living through the twister was pretty amazing considering he is the only survivor that made it out of the home in one piece.

“The only thing we`ve picked up so far are clothes that didn`t look shredded,” he said. “Everything here we`ve just given up on that we have left.”

The tornado ripped the home right off of the metal anchors that are still in the ground.

“There’s like a cut in the ground where you can see the trailer hit the hill. It flipped a couple of times. It got airborne, had to have gotten airborne because there is a fencepost sticking up through my bedroom floor,” Hefley said.

Unfortunately the cat is still missing. Hopefully it is scared and will eventually come home. Hefley and his girlfriend say that if it weren`t for the help of family, friends and strangers, they don`t know how they could recover.

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