Video: “I don’t want another girl!” Baby reveal goes terribly wrong

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

With two sisters already, one little boy lost it when he learned he was getting another one.

“I don’t want another girl!” he screams. His father follows up with, “You had the same reaction I did, bud.”

Family dynamics. We all have them. This family just happened to post it on YouTube for the entire world to see.

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  • Kathleen

    I understand him. He will grow up and love his little sister but he is feelin alone right now. I bet he had big plans for a brother, someone to relate to, but they were dashed when he found out it was yet ANOTHER sister. That dad was helping him understand he wasn’t alone. Oh and I bet the dad loves the little girl despite his wishes to have another boy so I am not sure why he wouldn’t deserve the little ones he has. We have all had disappointments and we know how that feels……remember he IS a little boy. I think it was precious and heartbreaking at the same time.

  • alison

    Get a grip people. This is funny! Its a boy who obviously already has TWO sisters who do things together and exclude him. He was prob pumped for a chance to have his “buddy” and it turned out to be another player on the girls team. The kid is outnumbered! This video is funny. To people freaking out… MOVE on and get over it!

    • Queena Armstrong Knox

      You’re right, but it shouldn’t be shared with the world. Someday he’s going to resent that part. My daughter offered to give her brother to a cousin when she learned he was a boy – and not a puppy. She was 2. Kids are entitled to their feelings. But parents aren’t entitled to share them with the world.

      • Cathie

        You do realize Queena that in standing up for the privacy of the boy in the video that you posted your daughter’s “private” moment for the whole world to see.

  • Ms Overflow

    Reblogged this on Chew on this! and commented:
    When my little sister was born, I had a similar, but not as melodramatic reaction as this little boy when my dad came home and told me that I didn’t have a little brother, but a sister. You see the doctors had told my parents that my sister was brother so we all boy stuff planned-like name and everything! My dad even has my reaction on video camera. My sister has seen the video and it’s crazy to think that almost 15 years ago, my only child days ended. I was still happy about having a sister, unlike this little guy. This reminds me of the many times in life when I have an expectation of how something is going to turn out and God comes in and changes it around for the better. For example, this weekend I had plans to stay in Warrensburg and hang with my sister and then surprise my mom on Sunday for her birthday, but as God would have it, I’m currently sitting at home because my plans changed. I won’t lie, I am upset that I won’t be able to go to the basketball championship game tomorrow, but I learned a long time ago that it’s better not to fight God when He changes your plans, but rather just roll with it. A reassuring verse when things don’t go the way you think expect them to go is:

    Romans 8:28
    King James Version (KJV)
    28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

  • krystal

    Grow up people when a teenager put a video on facebook doing something dangerous u say where are that childs parents but when a parent put a video up u call it being a bad parent. children have a right to an extent. Just like i have every right to post pictures of my daughter where ever i want i am her mother i gave birth to her not you. If you want to go on and on about a video and say its wrong for this to be posted. Then why dont you worry about things that should not be up how bout a video of a parent beating ther child to death or child porn those are things to put a bad name on. Leave this family alone it was cute sorry he didnt get what he wanted but knows how he feels only with brothers lol.

  • sandi

    What is wrong with this father? He is giving his son the idea that he does not like the new baby girl, and the boy is going to pick up on that as he grows older, and may not want daughters of his own. The Lord gives us what He wants us to have, not just what we want. That little boy is probably like other little boys, but hopefully he will grow in time to love his little sister. I hope the father tells the boy, that having sisters is a blessing, and not someone to be hated. I pray that little boy will love his baby sister, and help protect her.

  • Moeisha

    Did I see the little girl WALK across the table? This is how people are bringing up their children now. Then they take them out to eat & sit right next to me. Yeah, dad is a tool for agreeing that another girl was devestating news for the family. But really, the sad fact is that a lot of couples think it’s hilarious to exploit their children for the public’s entertainment, not to mention their 3 min of fame.

  • Adrian

    Honestly he just wanted a baby brother nothing wrong with that. So if they made a video it’ll be cute when they grow up and look back and see good sent them a girl for a reason. Stop work your negativity. You can’t judge no one this doesn’t make them an awful family so cool off. It’s not like he beat the kid or something.

  • Susan

    Forget about the kid! WTH? The Dad gave into this (totally normal for a five-year old) reaction by letting his two little girls know he didn’t want another girl, either? Lovely.

    • Phylis

      Love this video, and your family will love it later when they get older. As for the negative comments just ignore them. I had the same experience with my daughter and she cried and cried… I felt so bad for her but was glad she was able to express her feelings. Now she has three loving brothers and has adopted her girlfriends as her sisters. All works out in the end. Dad and mom, you sounds like your wonderful parents! Enjoy the ride they grow up fast.

  • Jenny Tyrrell Keely

    This is hard to watch. I have a son about his age and this little boy is clearly heartbroken. I can’t stand how they just let him sit there and cry, just so they could get a “funny” video. I think the dad was just trying to be funny, but like everyone else has said, someday his daughter will hear her father agreeing that he didn’t want another girl either. it can’t be said enough…put…down…the…phone!