Word printed on Disney On Ice tickets agitates two metro mothers

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An event geared toward families and meant to make people smile has two metro mothers feeling singled out. Hundreds of families will go in and out of the doors at the Sprint Center over the next few days for Disney On Ice shows, but one woman who bought her tickets at the box office didn’t go the show because of a word that was printed on them.

Date, time, row and seat number are basic pieces of information printed on most event tickets. Something printed on Patty Velo’s ticket made her mad enough to skip Friday morning’s Disney On Ice show at the Sprint Center.

“I was shocked and upset. I’m like, 'Okay, I thought we was past this many, many years ago. What does it matter if I’m Hispanic, or black, or white, or whatever race I am, and why would it have to be on my child’s ticket?'” said Velo.

The word “Hispanic” was printed on the three tickets she bought at the Sprint Center box office. She used a coupon she got at her credit union, which reduced the price of the tickets from $16 and $22, down to $10 for several shows. The lime green coupons are printed in English on one side and Spanish on the other.

“So if I got the coupon at the Chinese market, which I`ve gotten before, is it going to say Vietnamese, or Chinese on there? It didn't make any sense to me,” Velo said.

It didn’t make sense for Lana Whisler either. She bought tickets at the same place, with the same type of coupon, for a Saturday show. This will be her two daughters’ first time to see Disney On Ice.

“If I have bought the tickets and have the row, seat, that says on the ticket that this is my ticket, then I don't think you need my race,” Whisler said.

Velo got her coupon at the credit union where she banks, and Whisler got her coupon from her cousin, but FOX 4 stopped by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Kansas City. The office is distributing the same type of coupons the women used because it partners with Feld Entertainment, the company that promotes the Disney On Ice shows.

“The reason why we have that partnership is to make sure there's more diversity and more inclusion to go see these shows,” Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President Carlos Gomez said.

He doesn’t believe anyone was being singled out.

“What I do believe is probably because we’re the partner, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a lot of times when we partner with ticketed events, they abbreviate or the name gets shortened, so the word Chamber of Commerce probably didn’t get on there, and maybe just Hispanic,” said Gomez.

In the absence of malice, he reiterated that the word speaks more to the diversity they are hoping to achieve.

“I don't think there's any ill will, or any ill intentions of anyone trying to single out anyone. On the contrary, I think what people are trying to do is get more diversity, more Hispanics to come to events at the Sprint Center.”

A representative with the Sprint Center said: “All ticketing text and discounts are determined by the promoter, event, or show.” An emailed statement also said, “Sprint Center and our partners reach out to all segments of the population to ensure everyone has an opportunity to see shows and events at our venue. The specific tickets in question were redeemed as part of a promotion. Sales related to all promotions and demographics are tracked by the ticketing system for each Sprint Center event.”

FOX 4 called Feld Entertainment throughout the day to ask whether the company plans to change the wording on tickets for promotions moving forward. The company did not return our phone calls.

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  • Carrie

    If you bought the tickets through the sponsorship of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, then you should expect it to be printed on there somewhere. If its abbreviated due to typeface, I dont think anyone is being singled out. People sure are quick to jump to conclusions. Get over the race thing people. Let your kids go have some fun. GEEZ!!

  • Joe

    I wish my biggest distraction in life was a word on my ticket. If I was hispanic, I too would be real mad that my ticket said I was hispanic. That is personal business and nobody else needs to know. Seriously, this woman is stupid and I hope she lost the money she paid for the ticket. Is she ashamed of her race? I don’t get it and I don’t have time to even try to understand her anger. I would rather watch the little hispanic boy calling his mother Linda. I love that video.

  • Toni Shelton

    Why is it that they bought the tickets at the HISPANIC Chamber of Commerce but the first conclusion they jump to when they see the word HISPANIC on their ticket is “I’m being singled out for my race!!”? There are too many REAL instances of racism to just start making them up. This was about common sense and not jumping to conclusions.

    • Nikki

      She bought it at the box office. With a coupon she got from her credit union. The coupon must have originated from the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, but that’s not where she bought the tickets.

  • Dana Armenta Timms

    Wow just wow I would be proud to have a ticket that says Hispanic considering it is not considered a race on most lists for races nowadays only a nationality. She should have went to the show and asked about it later.

  • Angela Pennington

    It was abbreviated without thinking the whole name probably wouldn’t fit and no one caught the error since the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce were the ones who partnered with Sprint for discount tickets just like any other business it would of had something at the bottom of the ticket.. So if it had White on it for White Pages or Negro for the Negro League of America they would of thought it was funny. Why didn’t they notice it when they bought the tickets or received them from another party, if they did why didn’t they ask to speak to a Manager or someone to ask why the word Hispanic was printed on the ticket before raising hell and going to the news. Some people raise hell before asking questions then later feel like idiots

  • samjo06

    Talk about complaining over nothing. Its not your race its where the discount you were lucky to get came from. Lets not be stupid and oversensitive here.
    Honestly I’m disgusted this even made it on the news. That means someone bothered to listen to their complaint and didn’t just tell them they were being idiotic and it was the name of the credit union.

  • Fred

    Scraping the bottom of the race card barrel. It’s called truncation. It’s an automatic process. Like when you have 35 characters you can type into a text box. In this case, the 8 characters came from a source field much longer and that goddam racist friggen computer dared to insult the entire Spanish speaking population of the world by mindlessly doing its job. How terrible. How insensitive. How newsworthy.

  • WhySoSerious

    If the coupon used for your (DISCOUNTED TICKET, STOP WHINING) came from the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce then yes when you bought the ticket it would say HISPANIC, meaning they can track to see who is using the coupons so they can better distribute them to the people who need them (HISPANICS)! The WAACP doesn’t give out coupons for white people!