Twin sisters evacuated from home with 4 feet of cat feces from 130+ cats

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HOUSTON --  Authorities are cleaning out a home that is a health and environmental hazard due to the massive amount of cat urine and feces inside.

Twin sisters, age 60-years old, were living in the house with about 130 cats.

"In the bathroom that the women used, there is a deceased cat that is decomposing," said Christine Kendrick, Deputy Constable of Harris County.

Many of the cats were sick and emaciated.

Authorities were astonished at what they encountered, wondering to themselves how the women lived in the filth and stench.

"It's not just the feces smell. It's the ammonia levels in here that are just overwhelming," said Kendrick. "  The second I walked in the front door my eyes were watering and I mean, it's just difficult to breathe in this house."

The house reeked with such a powerful smell, they had to wear masks. When they opened the garage door, they found feces as tall as four feet.

The kitchen was the neatest part of the entire house, but even so, it was knee- deep in garbage and feces.

One of the sisters was taken away to the hospital for observation. The other plans to move out and stay with a relative.

As for the cats, authorities hope to find homes for many of them. Some of them are still in the house, burrowed into the garbage and feces, "like a rat would make a tunnel into a hill."

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