Kindergarten girl becomes victim of cyber bullying after trip to Walmart

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SENECA (WHNS) — An Upstate family is outraged and looking for answers after they say their kindergartner became the victim of cyber bullying.

The family says it all started at the Seneca Walmart, when the young girl’s picture was snapped by another customer. They say the man then posted it online to social media as a joke.

That picture is now being shared throughout the community. It was posted unedited, showing a clear view of the six-year-old’s face with the words “Honey Boo-Boo at Walmart.

“I was very shocked to see it’s my cousin,” said family member Briana Smith. “He wants to put a kid that’s six years old with health problems out there about her weight and make fun of her? And that’s not right.”

Family says seeing the likes, reading the comments on the poster’s page makes it worse. They say, this is a joke they don’t find funny at all. They said the little girl is dealing with health issues related to her weight and now feels very uncomfortable.

“Before she goes out in public, she tries on different outfits because she feels like she’s too big,” said Smith.

At this time, FOX Carolina is not revealing the name of the man who’s accused of taking the picture because he’s not been charged or accused of any crime. FOX did reach out to the man, but he has not responded to our request for comment.

By Nikki Davidson

UPDATE: Assistant principal on leave following cyberbullying accusations

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    • stargazeryankee

      not being a hater but to be honest there is conditions where a body can gain weight off of the smallest thing unless you have health problems i will need you to shush because health problems are nothing to play with and i agree that over eating is also hitting our country hard but we cant stop parents who puts too much in front of kids

      • Terry Roberts

        Regardless, he has no right photographing a six year old and putting it online for ridicule! How would you like it if it was your kid?

  • Dana

    I wish people would grow up,because it is not always over eating that causes weight problems ,I mean how old are you 2, if not grow up an act your age ,there are health issues that cause a person to be over weight and obviously this little girl has them,and needs and deserves prayer and understanding,not cruel people and bullying

    • Nick

      It is not cyber-bulling if I suggest that people take responsibility for their own actions and stop blaming others. I will not shush because McDonald’s and my ma and pa made me fat. Not my fault!

      • Terry Roberts

        what that girl eats is mostly her parents fault, but the mother said there is a medical condition and you people skip right over that. Your only evil thoughts are overeating and Mcdonalds. You are part of the sick people in your generation!

  • cody

    How many on here defending the girl have laughed at the people of walmart on facebook? It’s the same thing. I understand that she could have a health condition, but her parents could also be the culprit of her weight. I know that I am going to get backlash from this, but really, why not blame the parents who let her eat all she wants (assumption) why not have her eat healthy food. Or take her to a doctor to get her help.

  • Joe

    What is a 6 year old doing online? The parents should deal with this and the kid should know nothing about it. If the kid knows, it is probably the parents who made her aware of it. Shame on them.

  • Devin

    I’m not saying this young girl was taking depo shots (a type of birth control) so no one think that. I was talking depo shots and it chemical changed my body and it increased my appitate. It made me more hungry all the time. I gained about 40 pounds. it is proven that the depo shot makes girls gain weight. It is a medical problem because it is a medicine. so anyone who says there is not a medical issue that makes makes people gain weight, is wrong. It is rare, but it is possible.

    • j

      Devin you said it increased your appetite so you over ate. Which is exactly the cause of obesity. My brother was big, they say he had a thyroid problem. I started getting big like him when I was around 10 years old. I looked in the mirror and said there is no way I’m going to be fat so I quit eating and guess what I lost weight. I still can only eat I’ve small meal a day but I’m not fat at all. People are abusing their children when they allow them to be fat. My own son started getting heavy so I quit buying food and guess what he’s now grown an not fat. I’ve fought my whole life to be a healthy weight and I think that’s what fat people disgust me so badly.

      • Terry Roberts

        Not everyone is as great as you are, and you discount that there are medical problems that do cause weight gain, and not necessarily overeating. It’s great that you overcame a problem and caused your kid to overcome it, but is ridiculing others the answer for them?

      • C

        Whoa, wait, you stopped eating? You eat one small meal a day to keep skinny? You starved your son so he would be skinny? You know, there is medication for thyroid problems. What you’re doing isn’t healthy, it’s ridiculous. Take medication to handle your thyroid issues and eat a proper amount of food. I have a friend who has thyroid problems, and the minute she started taking the appropriate medication, she lost all her unnecessary weight. Seriously. Medicine, J. Starving yourself of nutrients to look thin is extreme.
        People are fat not only because of overeating, but because of the type of foods they eat. Our genes dictate what food will make us big and what food won’t. There are health issues as well, like thyroid problems or hormone problems — I eat three small meals a day, all organic, all healthy, and I’m still a big girl because I have a hormone imbalance. And you know what? I’m fine with that. No body size disgusts me, because everyone’s lives are different, and I won’t blame a big person for being fat solely because of the amount of food they consume.
        That’s like blaming someone with an acne problem for the condition of their skin. Hormones mess that up, too — or do you think people with acne have it because they don’t wash their faces? Do these people disgust you, too?

  • Amber

    Im sorry, but what does weight have to do with it? What about the fact that this person took and posted a picture of an innocent child, without permission from her parents?

    • Joe

      Too many kids in America are over weight. I believe all the additives in our food has something to do with it, but another reason the kids are heavy is because they get too much junk food. It keeps them quiet and out of Mom’s hair while they are eating and watching tv. This usually starts at a young age. The kid crys and instead of spending time comforting the baby, Mom shoves a bottle in it’s mouth. After that, the kid will be eating out of box for the next several years because it is easier than preparing a proper meal. It will be either a box meal or fast food. Is it really so difficult to understand why kids are fat.?

  • Joe

    If this girl is over weight and in kindergarten, regardless of why she is over weight, this may help prepare her for all the teasing she is bound to get in the future. This is just the beginning unless her Mom starts steaming some veggies at night.

  • Carrie

    if she has a liver or kidney disease issue and is awaiting transplants, the corticosteroids she may be taking can cause excessive fluid retention and weight gain. Many diseases can cause weight gain like this including certain cancers and their therapies. How would you feel if this were your child? You dont know, and it isnt your right to speculate. I know there are overweight children, who’s parents are to blame, in fact most of them. But never underestimate that an underlying and dangerous health issue could be a factor. Also, regardless of the reason, if it is her parents fault, she is a very young child with no real avenue open to her to do a whole lot about it. Parents are the ones buying the groceries. Have a little compassion, and remember, Judge ye not, lest ye be judged. You are NOT perfect.

  • Joe

    I didn’t watch the video before but now that I have, the kid and her mother do look like the Honey Boo Boo characters. Is the mother also having medical problems that make her fat? Why don’t Mom and daughter do some serious walking every day and eating some veggies for dinner tonight.

  • Ryan

    Why doesnt the f#@ckin punk take a pic of me and mock me. I am 6`4 355 pounds. I am over weight but I can bench press 2 of your pencil neck bodies. I will snap you in half punk.

    • Joe

      Ryan: You sound like a typical overweight bully. Because you are so fat and kids made fun of you in school, I know they did, you have been angry and a bully all your life. Stop thinking about snapping people in half and start thinking about dropping 155 pounds. There is a reason people call you a big phatas. You will garner more respect and feel much better when you put down the pop, chips and 3 plates of food you eat at every meal. Yea. You are a really tough guy because you are phatter than a hog.

      • fred

        Joe, I know this is late but the way in which you reply to all these comments plus the way in which you only are willing to use your first name makes me think you have some sort of a complex. maybe inferiority, maybe superiority either way you seem to for sure be a very sad sad man (probably a child, that seems much more likely) and I really do hope that you and raven youngbloodalong with nick who clearly has the maturity of a 14 year old don’t go online anymore, or teach any children what you think.

  • Sharon

    People are so quick to jump to conclusions….smh I bet not one of you know anything about this family, so maybe you should keep your ugly thoughts to yourself. J really, you quit buying food because your son was getting fat, that is considered child abuse, too bad you weren’t turned in to Social Services.

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