Missouri dog killed in park fight with another dog

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WENTZVILLE, Mo. (AP) — Authorities in St. Charles County are looking for the owner of a great Dane that attacked and killed another dog at a dog park.

An 11-year-old golden retriever, named Buddy, was killed Sunday afternoon at Quail Ridge Park in Wentzville. Authorities say that about 75 people were in the area at the time. The owner of the great Dane left with the dog.

County officials say aggressive dogs are not allowed in the off-leash dog park area. Owners are legally responsible for their dogs.

Read more from FOX2Now.com.

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  • joseph borella

    I doubt anyone you know has ever heard of an aggressive Great Dane. It was probably just as big a surprise to the owner. So I guess its time for lliberals to ban them since there so big and scary and have teeth. Precedent has been set to label them an aggressive breed.

  • Mike

    This is why dog parks are a bad idea. A dog doesnt have to be aggressive to get into a fight with another dog. It just happens. Fights at dog parks happen almost daily. This one just resulted worse than most. I feel bad for the owner of the deceased dog. And the owner of the dane should have stayed around. But I am sure he feared his dog would confiscated and euthanized once animal control showed up. But this was most likely not the owner or the dogs fault. Dogs are still animals. And an animal will be an animal.

    • Adam

      Actually Mike, Dog parks are often better than not. With a Dog Park, you can have your dog “socialize” which can make them less aggressive towards other dogs. Also Dog Parks can help train with unfamiliar human interactions (less aggressive).

      Unfortunately this may have occurred due to the owners not keeping an eye out. I have seen many owners get inside the gate, take the dog(s) off the leash, and then start reading or get on their phone, ipod, ipad,etc. rarely looking to see where their dog is or how they are behaving.

      • Joe

        The dog park is not the place to teach your dog how to get along with other dogs. That should be done before you ever go to the dog park so these types of fights don’t happen. I don’t want someone teaching their untrained dog and risk it attacking my well mannered friend.

  • Grace

    We loved dog parks until we started taking our lab poodle mix to a doggie daycare. Something happened in that place! He started getting into fights with all the other dogs at the dog park and started biting at women. We ended up having to give him up. I don’t think a large amount of dogs let loose in one place is a good idea at all! I’m actually scared of big dogs now and I never had been before.

    • Joe

      You gave away your dog because it fought with others at the dog park???? Why didn’t you just keep your dog away from others. Once you get a dog, it should be a lifetime commitment. Dogs have all the emotions of people and how would you feel if your family gave you away because of one of your flaws. I have no respect for people who give away, neglect or mistreat their pets. You fall into that category.

      • Grace

        Joe… this dog bit a 9 year old little girl and two women. We have small children and could not guarantee their safety. I may be a bad dog owner but the people around me are safe. We found a nice older couple who didn’t have many visitors and a nice space for him to play catch in. they knew he was aggressive, and could give him a nice home. This dog had no aggressive behavior until introducing him to groups of dogs. Judging people is wrong!

      • Joe

        Grace: I am not buying it. Would you like to start over? The first post you said the dog was biting “at” women. That sounds like he was snapping but did not connect. The second post he suddenly bit a little girl and 2 women. OK. Sounds like he doesn’t like women but then you gave him to an elderly couple who doesn’t have much company. I hope none of them are women. So how is it that the elderly couple have no problem with him biting people but you did and why would you even risk giving a biting dog to old folks unless you knew he wasn’t likely to bite again. I guess it was something you were doing in your household. Get it together Grace.

      • lee77

        Joe: A dog is NOT a “lifetime commitment” any more than a horse, cow or other animal is a lifetime commitment. Furthermore, dogs do NOT have all the “emotions of people.” Dogs, like all animals, are survival-oriented. If dogs were as “emotional” as you and others who anthropomorphize them have deluded yourselves into believing, there would be no rescue dogs because each dog would remain faithful to its original owner. Dogs, like other animals, can be passed from owner to owner and will be just as loyal to the next as to the last as long as they are fed and aren’t mistreated.

      • Joe

        lee77: You are wrong. A dog should be a lifetime commitment unless you don’t really care about the dog’s well being. Dogs have even been known to die when their owner dies. I had two male German Shepards and when one died, the other lost about 15 pounds. For a month, I had to spend a lot of time with him and prepare him special meals to gain back the weight and to get over his depression. I guess you don’t care about those things but don’t claim that dogs can be passed around without consequences. It is stupid and inconsiderate.

  • Fred

    I agree that Dogs are still animals. I love Pitbulls and have raised them since I was a teen. I had three pitbulls and just recently had to rehome one of them, after a year living together, playing together, eating and sleeping together. My oldest and middle decided that hated each other, it came out of no where. We spent months trying to work with them and in the end for their safety one had to be rehomed. Neither have problems with other dogs and I had taken and still take the one to off leash parks all the time.

    I say this to say you just never know, and may never understand. However I am sure there are jackwagons on here that just think thats what you get with pitbulls.

    I feel for both owners

  • Mike

    Adam I run a pitbull rescue and have studied dog behavior and dog aggression. It doesnt really matter how much you socialize a dog, they can still become aggressive. Socialization is great in small amounts. Not in a wild rambunctious situation like a dog park. There are too many dominant dogs in one area. Too many unfixed dogs. (Which by the way a unaltered dog can tend to be more aggressive.) Throw all that together with owners who are not responsible enough to watch their dog all makes for a bad situation.

  • micheline Kribs

    I feel so sorry for the family who lost their beloved golden retriever BUDDY, how the owner of the great dane could just leave and not bother to help get his dog off of the other is just plain wrong and shows a lack of respect for others and other dogs. The great dane may very well be euthanized,due to the owners “stupidity” Micheline Kribs,Rolla,MO

    • dancingintheraine

      From the article, you can’t assume that the owner did anything wrong and probably feared for the safety and well being of his dog after the fact. As a pit owner, I have seen with other dogs, and often fear for my own, that if another breed of dog picks a fight with mine that mine will automatically be the one blamed. I would have gotten my dog out of there ASAP and then returned afterwards (not that I would ever take my dog to a dog park considering the health and social risks). By stating “beloved” when referencing the retriever you’ve already chosen sides without knowing all the facts, because the retriever could never have done anything antagonistic, right?