Police identify man killed by train in Gardner

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Scene near train tracks at Main St. and Moonlight Rd. in Gardner, Kan. of April 1, 2014 where a pedestrian was fatally struck by a train. (Photo: Matt Hensley/WDAF-TV)

GARDNER, Kan. — Police have identified the man killed by a train Tuesday evening in Gardner, Kan., as William Gainey, 52, of Yankton, S.D.

Police said Gainey attempted to beat the train near the intersection of Main St. and Moonlight Rd., and was fatally struck.

No other information has been released at this time.

Watch our initial report:

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  • jeff

    The crossing has traffic cameras some trains do not sure about all. But regardless they would never release that to the public and probably wouldn’t of helped at all in that situation

  • Julie La Combe

    There are cameras on trains, and that footage may become part of any investigation. It is not available for public consumption, nor should it be. I would offer that @WhySoSerious has it a bit wrong. Train wreck footage is not awesome, it is gut-wrenching, especially for the train crew, victims’ families, first responders, coroner, insurance adjuster, and anyone else who is forced to participate in that preventable fatality. @jeff- the footage is helpful as it helps in the collection of data that drives the education, engineering, and enforcement efforts to eliminate these tragedies. Stay off, Stay Away, and Stay Alive.