UG official says uniform approach to open carry regulation not feasible

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- If a bill in the Kansas Legislature is passed, cities and counties would not be able to regulate open carry gun laws. Some say a uniform approach would limit confusion, but others say it strips away local control.

Since the time before Kansas became a state, cities have had the ability to regulate open carry of guns. Several communities, including some here in the metro, want to keep it that way.

"Let the local communities allow that local control to help decide this issue, don't mandate it from the state." said Mike Taylor

Taylor spoke with FOX 4 by phone Tuesday because he's in Topeka lobbying on behalf of the Unified Government.

"We're able to regulate the open carry of guns on our city streets by city ordinance, and we think we have the right to do that and in our community it's a smart thing to do and this bill would take away that right," explained Taylor.

Some legislators from western Kansas want to see the state adopt a uniform policy, Taylor says that's impossible.

"If a rancher comes in from the pastures and he's got a .22 strapped on his hip and goes into the hardware store downtown, you're probably not going to think much about it. In Wichita, or KCK, or maybe some other urban cities, if you saw in certain neighborhoods someone with Tech 9 or a Glock strapped on their hip, it's a very different," said Taylor.

City leaders in Prairie Village are in favor of local control as well. City administrator Quinn Bennion issued this statement on behalf of the mayor and council:

"The city council has long held that some decisions are best decided by local communities, such as regulating firearms in public areas. Local control enables communities in rural, urban and suburban areas of Kansas to determine what is best for their neighborhoods."

The Senate is expected to pass the bill Wednesday, then it's on to the House.

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  • Jack Gates

    If it was up to KCK there would be no LEGAL guns there. I say LEGAL because KCK has a very long history of very draconian gun laws. For years the ONLY people that had guns were the criminals and plenty of them. If you were a law abiding citizen you had to keep them locked up at home, while the violent criminals ran the streets armed with impunity. You’d think they’d have learned considering there have been ZERO reports of legal carry problems since Topeka had to force them to allow it. Why ANYONE would still want to live in the Dotte is beyond me.

    • Wayne

      Criminals won’t open carry because they can still be checked for legal carry of the firearm, why would they risk it. The only time I open carry is in the yard and that’s limited because IWB is not all that comfortable doing yardwork. Otherwise it is IWB. I live in a good neighborhood but unfortunately we have had criminals running from the cops passing through my area to hide in the woods behind my street, a fight that escalated into some teenager pulling a gun out (they didn’t even live here, just chose the street since it is a dead end) When running they get through the houses, across the field, into the woods and follow it to the river.

      What this will do is make it to where local cities cannot have any laws stricter than state law. All the state and federal laws are in effect but you don’t have the city ordinances to worry about. So say you open carry in your legal city but driving through another city to get to the store in another legal open carry city. You get pulled over and you have your firearm on you and now your in trouble. It’s fine where you live and 10 minutes from your house but that time in between it’s not. This would eliminate that. If your stopped by police you still get checked and if you have a firearm and are a felon, underage or whatever you still get charged. If you can legally own a firearm then I don’t see any reason to not be able to carry it as long as you do it safely.

      Open carry is something I have mixed opinions about. Open carry can deter crime because they see that people are armed in the location and criminals usually look for the easiest victims or businesses they can rob. Businesses with the gun banned symbol are perfect for them because it means less resistance and a better chance. Women get prayed on a lot because viewed as week, especially if have child with them, carrying shopping bags or on the phone because they are distracted.

      On the other hand someone comes in to rob a place and sees you as the first target. They have the determination to rob the place anyway and will try for the strongest people first. That’s why a lot of the security guards go first and no one else gets harmed.

      I have been in places where people open carry and I know conceal carry and never thought anything of it.

  • Harold Racca

    “We’re able to regulate the open carry of guns on our city streets by city ordinance, and we think we have the right to do that and in our community it’s a smart thing to do and this bill would take away that right,” Taylor

    Cities don’t have rights, people have rights.

    U.S. Supreme Court on the Right to Arms

    In 1856, that the rights American citizens enjoy by reason of their citizenship, rights which “the courts would be bound to maintain and enforce,” including the right “to hold public meetings upon political affairs, and to keep and carry arms wherever they went.” (Dred Scott v. Sandford, 60 US 691, 705 (1856))

    In 1876, that the Constitution did not grant a right to arms, but that like the rights of assembly and petition, the right to arms existed long before the Constitution, adding: “Neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence.” (United States v. Cruikshank, 92 US 542, 553 (1876))

    Ninth Amendment to the United States Constitution
    “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

    I retain the right the keep and bear the arms of my choice, either openly, or concealed as I deem necessary. For the purpose of the defense of myself, and others. No matter where I happen to be standing.

  • Clifton

    Cities and counties that before today, could regulate or enforce (and violate) our second amendment right to bear arms in an open carry style. This only works for or on the “law abiding” citizen, “NOT THE CRIMINAL ELEMENT”. I am very HAPPY that the STATE decided to take control and eliminate the city powers to regulate our gun rights. The naive people will see, this can and will make our cities and state SAFER! Now the criminal has some competition and had better find legal ways to make money.

  • Clifton

    As for the businesses that still CHOOSE to put the NO GUNS sign on your door, you are just inviting the CRIMINAL ELEMENT into your store. You might as well hand out flyers saying ” no law abiding gun carriers here”, come rob us, we will gladly give you our money and or life.You need not worry about getting caught or detoured by any legally owning gun owner, we sent them down the street; we welcome the CRIMINAL AND ALL OTHER HOODLUMS.