Theory circulates online that animals fleeing Yellowstone means super-volcano eruption is imminent

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

YELLOWSTONE, Wyo. — Only time will tell if the theory that animals seen leaving Yellowstone National Park are doing so because they instinctively discern that the underground volcano there is about to erupt.

For now, though, officials at Yellowstone say the migration of animals is normal, as are the number of earthquakes.

“It’s just part of the geological situation we find here in Yellowstone,” said Yellowstone Public Affairs Chief Al Nash.

Nash says the park experiences 1,000 to 3,000 earthquakes every year.

In the days following the March 30, 4.8 magnitude earthquake in Yellowstone, many bloggers and tourists expressed concerns about the animals, mostly bison and elk. they saw leaving the area.

“They do it every year around this time in an effort to move to lower elevations where they can find food that’s easier to access. When things start to green back up, those same animals will walk right back into the park,” Nash said.

The University of Utah Seismograph Station says it’s unlikely that a supervolcano eruption will occur in the next thousand or even 10,000 years.

See more from Nash here:




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  • Doris Casey

    they can say what they want , but I wrote the nat. Geo. center a letter a few years ago, asking them if it was a safe place , and if threre was an imennant threat–they never answered. , I say just what the critics say ,, its waiting to blow-and when it does , we are all in trouble .

  • Jeremy

    Based on observation over decades, I trust that this is normal for the animals. However, they have no earthly idea when that thing is going to blow. Yes… we’re so great at predicting things aren’t we?!

    • Tom Winegar

      I have read that an eruption similar to the big ones from the past would kill everyone as far away as Colorado Springs and there would be a foot of ash hundreds of miles away. Were talking about a blast comparable to when Krakatoa went in then 1800’s and the sound was heard thousands of miles away. It would be a global catastrophe that could lead to crop failures and the death of over a billion people world wide.

    • Artie

      Whos knows when its onna blow but heres what happens if it does. First sign is the ground will lift and swell, Once the magma starts to flow the gases inside will give the ground a giant explosion similar to 100 hiroshima bombs, The first 100 square miles of anything will be destroyed by 900 degree ashes and the initial explosion itself. Within the next 3-5 days multiple explosions will happen in different spots around the volcano, the ashes will be shot to a height of 800 – 900 thousand feet in the air. Anyone lying on the next 200 sqaure mile radius will be dead shortly after weather it be from the multitude of problems to follow, the huge amounts of ash that will fall totalling 10-15 feet high, the initial breathing in of the ash which has glass in it, or the 300-400 degree tempertures that spawn from the ground sinking into the volcano and the rush of gas and ash that rushes along the ground at supersonic speeds. After that the 6 year long winter will come from the sun be blocked out and the animals dying, the plant life dying and then you dying from no food. After a catastrophy this size, if mankind has 100,000 people still alive well be in good shape. But I can say billions will die.

  • burt

    The short clip is only to make everyone feel good and go away. Yes,, Large mammals move to lower elevations for the winter to find food. But, they do this at the beginning of winter. It is almost spring.

  • Bam Dot

    Why all the denial? Who pays these officials to lie and cover up the facts. There is plenty of grass on the fields. The Bison are not running to be first in line to eat grass. The truth of this situation is an annual Bison Marathon.

  • David W. Anderson

    It cracks me up when people get all theoretical about things they have no idea about. Back in 2008 when the 2012 Myan Calendar thing was starting to gain momentum, and then they found out like 4 other accent civilizations had end of world predictions for the same day or almost the same day…I thought it was pretty odd that more than 2 of the ancient civilizations felt something cosmic was going to happen in DEC 2012. I didn’t buy into the end of the planet thing, but I did have an overwhelming feeling that things were going to change…which weirdly intensified the closer that date got. I even laughed hysterically about the numerous people who blew the whole thing off because, “some guy predicted the end of the world.” Like I said, I didn’t think it was the end, but this was not just a human prediction…there was actual science behind the reason that date was chosen, and forgive me for not remembering exactly what it was, but I ask a geologist at the time and he said something like the earth will be in alignment with the center of the galaxy for the first time in a million years or something, and was explaining the different factors which made this particular winter solstice a unique situation and that no one on the planet was exactly sure what the effect would be. The part I find so interesting is that, all the people who were sure the life would go on as normal with nothing changing were so sure on Dec. 22nd…but as it was told to me…the worry was the alignment situation could’ve changed the polarity of the planet and these effects would not produce evidence for months or even years until normal recorded weather patterns had proven to be vastly different. Now last year I remember Denver and most of Colorado being in a significant uproar over not having snow all winter…China and Europe has been having horrific flooding, the Midwest was having a massive drought, and this year in California, our winter was almost nonexistent while Canada and the Midwest were having Polar vortexes making it the coldest winter on record…not to mention the large number of massive earthquakes that have take place over 7.0 all over the planet in the last year and a half. Who is to say that there wasn’t a slight shift in the planets position or place in the galaxy that has been throwing off our “normal” weather patterns? I have a strange feeling things are going to continue to present new and strange problems until someone figures out there was a change that took place on DEC 21st 2012…i guess we’ll just have to hope that they won’t be problems that we can’t survive…maybe we should be paying way more attention to animals making mass evacuations in the middle to end of a snow season…seems strange they would wait so long to migrate…and I’m no expert, but doesn’t a seasonal migration involve the animals herding slowly towards their destination…not running as fast as they can?

  • l

    These type of things peak my interest but whats funny is that it was said that the land rose in some spots which would indicate a pressure increase from the magma. But i seen some asked about the effects search youtube for jellystone supervolcanoe lol it would only make sense that the U.S. would hold the worlds most dangerous volcanoe.

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