Some $22 million used to increase security in Raytown School District

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RAYTOWN, Mo. -- What happened in Pittsburgh can happen anywhere. So we took a look at security measures at a school closer to home.

Fifth grade teacher, Kelly Rohlfsen, is in charge of the lives of 30 students and she doesn't take that lightly.

"For those seven hours a day, every single second of that day, they are my end all, be all and I would do anything for them," she said.

Now Rohlfsen can confidently say she knows what to do to defend them if an intruder charges through the school. That's because she received intruder training which was implemented last year.

"Through that training I really learned that those books and notebooks, in a situation where I needed to protect my students, those objects can be thrown at an intruder and that would distract them ," said Rohlfsen.

When a tragedy happens like the stabbing in the Pittsburgh area, the school develops ways to increase security. The intruder training is just one measure to keep students safe.

"We've installed nearly 600 cameras, we have electronic access points, probably 150 of those. We're putting in line-of-sight entry systems in all of our buildings," said Dr. Travis Hux, the assistant superintendent of support services.

A portion of a bond issue of $22 million that passed Tuesday night will be used to install a glass entryway and office. That way staff will be able to see everything that happens in and out of the building.

Another $300,000 will be used to install the glass entryway at other secondary schools in Raytown.

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  • Joe

    The NRA folks would recommend arming all the students and teachers so this type of tragedy doesn’t happen again. Then again, we could also put tighter restrictions on who can buy guns and the type they can purchase. At least with the knife wounds that many suffered, none of the kids have died.

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