Hidden cameras reveal those responsible for ‘worst’ illegal dump in Kansas City

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Residents in the Dunbar neighborhood in east Kansas City, Mo., want to know who dumped thousands of pounds of concrete chunks on a vacant lot.

One city inspector said it's the worst case of illegal dumping he's ever seen. On Monday when he checked the vacant lot, it was clean. Not so come Thursday morning.

"Today I find approximately 10,000 pounds of concrete," Alan Ashhurst, Kansas City code enforcement officer, said.

Ashurst's job is to inspect vacant lots. He said the dump in Dunbar likely came from a construction job. Someone didn't take the time to dispose of the rocks properly.

"This is not a dump site. It's not a rat's nest," Alan Ashhurst, Kansas City code enforcement officer said. "The fact that this even crosses your mind that it's okay eludes me."

By the looks of things in Dunbar, there could be serious consequences for the people responsible.

"In one dump, if it's 500 pounds or more, it's a felony," Ashurst said. "I don't know how many times it took to get to this point, but what we're looking at going forward, it's probably going to be multiple felony counts."

Ashurst uses hidden cameras to monitor illegal activity. The pictures show faces, license plates and what's been dumped.

"This shows that what we're doing is the right thing with these cameras," Ashurst said. "We have suspects. We have a pretty good idea of who's responsible for this."

The owner of the lot wouldn't talk on camera, but she told Ashurst she's angry. It's unclear right now which construction company the dump came from, but when Ashurst finds out, their bosses are likely going to face consequences too.

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  • DC

    Years ago, I was visiting a relative that lived near a river in another state. Passed a pickup with two guys dumping on the river road, turned around and went back. Asked what they were doing, and told them I was calling the police – they left in a hurry.

  • Ken Browning

    I’m betting no felonies will be filed. They should be filed against each worker and , if it can be proven that they were instructed to dump illegally, their employer also. That said, I’m betting that they’ll get off with a fine and allowed to clean it up and so the problem will contnue.

  • Mark Frazier

    Last weekend, on Kansas City’s Project Blue River Rescue, 1,200 volunteers at 34 work sites picked up 4,000 trash bags, pulled out 800 tires, planted 300 trees and cleared 3 acres of invasive honeysuckle. – We care about our city and community and urge the City Government to keep spending the resources to hold dumpers responsible for their actions.