Grandmothers Against Gun Violence gains members after Sunday’s shootings outside Jewish centers

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- A local group of grandmothers are now more concerned about gun safety after Sunday's shootings at two Jewish facilities.

They formed "Grandmothers Against Gun Violence" in September.

Click here for a link to their group.

'GAG' has worked to change gun laws on both sides of the state line.
Fox 4's Kathy Quinn talked to one of the founding members of Grandmothers Against Gun Violence, Judy Sherry.

Sherry is a grandmother who wants to keep guns out of the hands of people like Frazier Cross, the suspect in Sunday's shootings.

She started Grandmothers Against Gun Violence after she heard about a similar group that started after the Sandy Hook school shootings.

Little did she know there would be a shooting here in the metro just months later targeting people of her own faith.

Sherry says she's angry because the alleged shooter should not have had access to any guns with his record.

This hate crime also touches home because Sherry is Jewish.

But instead of making her afraid, or scared, it's done the opposite.

When her family got together for the Passover meal, they thanked God they were safe and they prayed for the victims and their families.

Sherry says GAG's mission is to affect public policy regarding guns.
"So the job of grandmothers against gun violence is to speak out, that is our job, affect public policy so that some day we will have a country where our children and our grandchildren are safe ...In their home, or their community or wherever they are," she said.

Sherry says you don't have to be a grandmother to join the group, anyone can sign up.

Click here to learn more on the group's facebook page.

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  • Ronald

    I saw an interview with this lady this morning. She described the bad guy as “being so conservative”. Either she´s got a political agenda or is misinformed on the meaning of the word.

    • WhySoSerious

      Political agenda for sure, remember Eric Holder will be in town tomorrow to honor the victims, (cough) and also bring up the need for gun control and why the NSA should be able to snoop on everyone! I hope that’s not true but a democrat has never passed up an opportunity to turn a tragedy into political talking point!

      • Jamaal

        Seems that you are a republican and doing exactly what you are blaming on the democrats. That is called hypocrasy and you are a typical conservative hypocrite.

  • WhySoSerious

    Sherry, Evil and Crazy are the real culprits here, not inanimate objects! We are all against gun violence, criminal gun violence that is and since criminals don’t follow laws like a normal person, they don’t care how many knee jerk, reactionary, mumbo, jumbo laws you come up with!

  • EscapeGoat

    Yes, lady..The jewish people should be against guns. It worked so well for them in the past. Pro tip to the budding Anti-Freedom groups – Any time you use the term “Gun Safety”, “Common Sense Gun Law” or “Gun Violence”, it tips everyone off to ignore you.

  • Ronald

    The bad guy is a neo-Nazi. The last time I checked, the NDSAP, or National Socialist German Workers’ Party, better known as Nazis, were a socialist workers’ organization and that usually means left of center. Conservative, in the truest form of the word in a political sense, means right of center. What with all of the tossing around of disingenuous terms nowadays, I feel like I’m living in Orwell’s nightmare. It’s amazing to me how many take advantage of a tragedy for political gain and how even more wrap themselves in a cloak of feigned righteousness to further political aims. The scary part is that it seems to flow out of some so naturally, as if they’ve been practicing deception and manipulation for the better part of their lives.

  • Grandpa

    I am also against gun violence and believe it should be controlled. However, in the original story on the news this morning,, she stated that the shooter was “so conservative” and that “we want to make sure that guns don’t end up in the hands of the wrong people” (the aforementioned “so conservative”). If you are able to do that, how do you intend to identify these individuals? Wearing yellow armbands worked for the German government prior to World War II. That was to identify persons as Jewish. Maybe you can solve the gun violence by labeling and legislating all people who use guns for violent purposes. If so, you will be identifying a whole lot of people who aren’t conservative but fit the liberal mindset and ideology. By your statement, It seems that your intent isn’t to get rid of gun violence as it is to get rid of conservatives and anyone who doesn’t follow a liberal agenda.

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