Man who lost girlfriend in fatal highway accident shaken and confused

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Police have identified the woman killed Wednesday in a traffic-related incident on I-635 as Deborah L. Kloster, 52.

According to authorities, Kloster, a passenger in a moving vehicle, jumped from the car as it came to the end of the ramp from I-635 to eastbound I-70. The incident occurred at 12:24 p.m.

"She had a lot to live for that girl did. I don't know what triggered her mind to jump out of my moving truck," said 71-year-old John "Jack" Reynolds about his girlfriend, Deborah Kloster.

Wednesday afternoon Reynolds said he and Kloster were heading to Jack's house when Deborah suddenly swung open the door. Jack said his truck then rolled over her, killing her instantly.

"I'm still nervous and I'm still shaking about the whole thing. I don't know what she was thinking. I loved her and she loved me. One minute we were talking and then the next I hear a loud thump and she's gone," said Jack.

"We weren't arguing or nothing and I don't drink, so all I know is she apparently got upset when I told her I didn't have enough gas to drive her over to a computer shop in Kansas City to have her laptop checked out," Reynolds told FOX 4's Robert Townsend during an interview Thursday.

Police questioned Jack about the deadly accident for quite a while at the scene. Next week Jack says he will meet again with a detective to review the incident, he calls a "big nightmare."

"I had both hands on the wheel and I told the police I did not shove her out the truck or anything. I was going about 40 miles an hour, again with both hands on the wheel, and she just grabbed her laptop, opened the door herself and then the next thing I know she's dead. It has broken my heart. I still can't believe it," said Jack.

Now he's doing anything to take his mind of the tragedy in hopes that he can move on.

"I just wish it never happened. I just keep trying to chop my wood to keep my mind off of it. I may never get over losing her like that," Jack added.

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  • David

    Wow, some people need to relax some. I don’t think anyone knows what happened unless they were in the truck. It was suppose to bring at least a chuckle from the previous comment. I guess there were at least 2 others in the truck. My bad

  • JCB

    Wouldn’t u think it would be kinda hard to drive and hold onto the steering wheel and open the door and push someone out ???? Sounds kinda hard to do!! Shouldn’t be on here chuckle about nothing on this story … It’s sad someone wanted to jump out and lost there life over it… Now there family and friends have to deal with the passing of a friend/family

  • Linda Edwards

    I have known Jackie for 42 years and he has always opened his home to a lot of people in the 42 years I have known him, he would help anyone that needed a place to live, wanted a ride to go to the store, Doctors or needed a meal..This man would give you the shirt of his back or his lost dine, and I know is girl friend for years and she had problems, but she was a nice lady and they loved each other, but she had some problems that got the best of her yesterday and she jumped out of the truck on her self.

    And I know he is taking this every hard. May she rest in peace and please keep Jackie and her Family and friends in your prayers.

  • Suze McIntosh Benson

    I have known this man since I was 11 years old and he is a very gentle spirit, has a tender loving heart, has taken in and helped people in need for years, and would give the shirt off his back and do without to do so. I know people like to speculate and question. PLEASE do not do that related to this. THIS man does not deserve negative comments, but could use prayers for his peace and his loss.
    I know that he is devastated and this has been an horrific tragedy for him as well. This woman had some kind of problem to make her do this. One thing I know beyond a doubt This man would help anyone and he did nothing to her. And I know he is suffering !!!

  • KAW

    My prayers are with the families of both Jack and Debbie. It’s truly sad when something like this happens and immediately people think foul play. I understand there it a lot of negativity in the world and bad things happen. But we can’t always assume the worse. I just want the families to know that they have a community of people thinking about them and praying for them during this difficult time.

  • Some Dude

    People become so comfortable doing one thing for years, that the brain sometimes doesn’t compute all the factors. She could have been thinking, “I’m going to get out to do this or that,” but didn’t quite register the truck was moving. So sad.

    • Robin richardson

      I agree, if she was on something that rendered her thinking I can see that, not realizing she would die, I think that’s right on or was so upset, out of it and wanted to die, totally sad, for her and all families involved, may she rest in peace

  • SLR

    Not that it really matters but maybe she was thinking it wouldn’t hurt her too bad so then he would feel bad and take her to get her laptop fixed. Like a child throwing a fit…. Tragic end for this man… Sorry for your loss sir! You are doing the right thing by keeping ur mind off of it :(

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