Joe’s Weather Blog: One Storm Fades…Another Lurks

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Spring, as we all know is a time for change. Plants/trees come out of dormancy and folks come out of their homes after, in some cases, a long cold winter. The weather changes as well with the longer days and higher sun angle allowing for more warmth. With moisture increasing comes the rain. Sometimes better than other times.


Today: Windy and milder. Yesterday we were in the mid 50s and today we should be in the 65-70° range. Winds today will be out of the south at 20-35 MPH or so. We should see a lot of sunshine this morning then more clouds/sun during the afternoon. Wind advisories and Fire weather dangers are posted.

Tonight: Partly-mostly cloudy. A cold front will come through and switch the winds towards the NW at 10-20 MPH. Lows dip into the 30s again. Should the winds drop off more and the clouds clear…there may be some frost in the area tomorrow morning. It looks like though that the clouds/breeze should prevent frost in the area.

Tomorrow: The storm that we’ve been tracking appears to be passing too far south of the KC area. This means the rain chances are fleeting and IF it even does rain the amounts will be minor and well under 1/4″. I’d almost pull the chances completely but since it’s spring and typically the atmosphere wants to create rain during this time of the year…I’ll keep the 20 chance going despite the dry forecast from the model data. Odds heavily favor <1/10″. Highs should be around 55°


I mentioned yesterday that I couldn’t stay awake long enough to watch the eclipse on Monday night…I saw this post on twitter yesterday that I thought really was pretty cool. Check it out!

This image was sent to me by Mike Peregrine…thanks Mike!

ScreenHunter_01 Apr. 16 06.40

So about the weather…

The storm in question for tomorrow really looks more wimpy with every passing computer run. The main energy appears to be passing towards the SW of the KC area and everything that I wrote about yesterday concerning how moisture starved the storm would be is still true. Here is the surface map for 6AM…notice the numbers in GREEN…those are the dewpoints and check out the dewpoints in the Gulf region…only in the upper 30s to about 45°…pretty darn dry for a coastal area down there.


It appears the main effects of the storm will be a swath of mid clouds that perhaps may be able to generate a few sprinkles or a light passing shower. the main energy for the storm is moving towards the Red River Valley of TX/OK…and it’s a small system to begin with so I’m really not feeling the love for much, if anything out of this.

The front that comes through tonight will fall apart tomorrow and the midler air will then move back into the area towards the end of the week.

Aside from that the next feature to watch will be the storm due on Easter Sunday. I’ll blog more about that tomorrow and/or Friday.

I’m going to be off this weekend but I’ll try and update the blog a few times . Have a great day and hold on to your baseball hats!


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