5-year-old traumatized by gas station shooting; friend fights in hospital

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – FOX 4 learned more on Tuesday about a five-year-old boy caught in the middle of a deadly shooting at a Kansas City gas station late last Friday. In the meantime, 10-year-old Ka’Vyea Tyson was seriously wounded in the shooting and remains at Children's Mercy Hospital.

A relative said that he underwent another surgery on Tuesday and his five-year-old friend, who witnessed the double-shooting from the backseat, is now undergoing counseling.

"The idea and the thought that I could've lost my grandson was really devastating to me," said his grandmother, Terrie Parker.

Parker still gets chills when her mind flashes back to what she said her five-year-old grandson, whom she calls "Little Terrell,” witnessed Friday night.

"It's devastating, you know? I'm just trying to stay prayed up so I can get through this," she said.

Parker said about a half-hour after talking to her daughter's fiancé, Ka’Vyea "KC" Curry; she got a phone call that a gunman fired at least eight shots when Curry was at a BP gas station at 45th and Cleveland.

"This is just senseless!" exclaimed Parker.

Ka'Vyea Tyson remains hospitalized on Tuesday, April 22 after he was shot and critically injured at a KC gas station.

10-year-old Ka'Vyea Tyson remains hospitalized on Tuesday, April 22 after he was shot and critically injured at a KC gas station.

The 34-year-old father died instantly and his 10-year-old son was critically wounded. Parker’s grandson kept crying as bullets flew around him.

"I guess he laid down in the back seat," she said. "He saw the guy run up to the car and he tried to tell KC, and before he knew it, the guy started shooting. He said, ‘grandma, I thought the guy was gonna shoot through my window,’ and I just thank God that he didn't."

When the scared child jumped out of the car and ran inside the gas station, a female customer quickly comforted him until police arrived. Parker raced to the scene, looking only for her little grandson.

"He was scared to death and so he ran to us. We just immediately picked him up and just held him and hugged him and told him we loved him," she said. "I just thank God that, you know, he kept his arms around him. He’s been traumatized; he had a nightmare that night."

Parker and her family are now showering Little Terrell with love and letting him play as long as he wants with his toys. They also pray the younger Ka'Vyea recovers and police find the shooter.

"We need some kind of closure. You know that little boy, Ka'Vyea, is up there fighting for his life. He's not gonna never be the same," she said.

Parker did thank and hug the Good Samaritan who comforted her grandson. The killer is still out there and that's why the family asked FOX 4 to not show the five-year-old's face. If you have information that can help police arrest a suspect, you’re urged to the call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

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  • sandi

    What kind of monster would shoot a 10 year-old child? That person most certainly is not a human, as we know humans. I hope he somehow gets remorse, and turns himself in, but I doubt it. I pray for that 5 year old that was in the car, too. Thank God, he was not shot. He is going to need all the loving support he can get to get thru this. That poor kid must be in fear, wondering if that “bad man” will come after him, too. I just wish I could give that shooter what he deserves—the same treatment he gave his victims, but I can’t. He does deserve it, tho. I do hope his friends will snitch and turn him in. He is a murderer, and should not go free..

  • Love

    Inner city Folks! Wake Up! You are all dying slowly! And you are letting the saggy pants thugs kill up you and everybody in the communities by letting them get away with murdering people! I dont understand it. When you see someone sagging, it puts a bad taste in your mouth. And then you start talking about how stupid they look. Well they are the same people that are killing our relatives and coming out on top because you wont say nothing about what you saw that night at that gas station! So in retrospect, you are no better than the thugs. They gonna continue to kill until we get rid of the phrase “STOP SNITCHIN”! This phrase has cause so much trouble in the hood. It was presented in a rap song so it would be thought as something “cool”! And you dummies fell for it! It was to brainwash yall into letting the killings go on! Think! We are helping to eliminate ourselves! Somebody saw what the dude drove,where he ran,what he was wearing. You probably know the dude! Just keep chillin with him! Hes gonna kill you too one day!

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