KC NoVA calls in group of people they’re watching

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City No Violence Alliance has been fighting crime in a unique way for more than a year, and Tuesday night it continued. The alliance is offering people at risk of being criminals or victims of violent crime another chance to live a life without crime before it's too late.

Violent crimes have forced law enforcement officers in Kansas City to take a new approach to stopping criminals that commit those violent acts.

"We're all sick of violence. We're all sick of it. I'm sick of it, everybody on this stage is sick of it," said Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker.

Tuesday night, the Kansas City No Violence Alliance or "NoVA" called people into this church to warn them.

"We know who you are, we know who your friends are, you could be a victim or suspect of violent crime in the near future - don't do it," warned Captain Joe McHale from the Kansas City Police Department.

NoVA, which includes police and prosecutors, is giving these people the warning and the opportunity to talk to organizations and counselors that can help them out of their current situation.

The idea is to give them the chance to turn their lives around.

"Tonight is about choices," said U.S. Attorney Tammy Dickinson. "There are people here tonight that are going to help you. That are willing to help you."

By presenting those opportunities, NoVA is hoping violent crime will decrease because those committing the crimes will know their lives can be different.

"When was the last time you heard your prosecutor say, 'I'm offering you another chance?'" Peters Baker said. "This is the day when violence ceases."

To find out more about NoVA, click here.

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  • Sheila Baker

    I just don’t know. The only chance this has is if these people stay their ground and follow through. Any of you “characters” out there that are reading this, the door is open for you to do something right and correct your life. walk through and let these people help you.

  • k3c2k3

    That’s not always true. Those who come from a broken home can turn things around. My “mommy and daddy” were drug dealers and prostitutes and pimps. My siblings and I, well we are all hard working adults with no criminal record. I applaud the police departments and prosecutors offices for doing everything in their power to not only be advocates to those who may not have that opportunity, but also for being proactive!

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