Charges filed against man in shooting of boy, murder of dad

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Charges were filed against a 27-year-old man, accused of firing eight shots into a car on Friday, April 18, killing the father inside and injuring his ten-year-old son.

Following pleas for help and answers from the family of two shooting victims, police arrested Dontae Jefferson, 27.

Dontae Jefferson faces six charges including first-degree murder from a gas station shooting on Friday, April 18.

Dontae Jefferson faces six charges including first-degree murder from a gas station shooting on Friday, April 18.

He currently faces six charges in the murder of Ka'Vyea Curry and for the critical injuries suffered by his 10-year-old son, Ka'Vyea Tyson.

Court records indicate Jefferson has been charged with first-degree murder, endangering the welfare of a child, discharging a firearm at or from a motor vehicle, two counts of armed criminal action and unlawful possession of a firearm.

The shooting happened on the night of Friday, April 18 and police say Jefferson approached a car that Curry, his son and five-year-old friend were in at a BP gas station at 45th and Cleveland.

Police said Jefferson fired eight shots into the vehicle, killing Curry and striking his son with two bullets, one in the arm and one in the lung. The younger Ka'Vyea remains in critical condition at Children's Mercy Hospital. The five-year-old friend was in the backseat and spared of injuries, but is undergoing counseling after being traumatized.

A probable cause statement indicates surveillance video from the gas station 30 minutes before the shooting revealed a black Chevrolet Tahoe arriving to the gas station. Jefferson was seen to be the driver and both he and another man were seen going inside the gas station.

They remained in the store, and as the victims later went inside the gas station, Jefferson was allegedly seen exiting the store and going back to the Tahoe, putting on a hoodie, and then walking towards the gas pumps where the victim's car was located. He's then accused of firing a handgun into the driver's side of Ka'Vyea Curry's vehicle.

Jefferson then reportedly left on foot back towards the Tahoe, where the other man had started driving on Cleveland Avenue and a witness said the Tahoe drove off. A Tahoe matching the description of the one seen on surveillance video was located by police on Wednesday at a business in the 3000 block of Prospect around 3 p.m., reportedly driven to that location by Jefferson and the man he was with the night of the shooting.

Detectives who saw the Tahoe also saw Jefferson standing outside the business, noting he matched the description of the shooter. Court documents say that the Tahoe was driven away by another unknown man and police lost sight of it as Jefferson began walking northbound on Prospect.

At the same time, detectives also saw a black male who matched the description of the man with Jefferson the night of the shooting, walking in the same area as Jefferson but not with him.

Officers detained both the black male and Jefferson; police later found the Tahoe at 27th and Prospect occupied by the man who had driven it away. He later told police that Jefferson had told him he saw police in the area and instructed him to drive the Tahoe to 27th and Prospect without giving any reason. He identified Jefferson using photos developed from the surveillance video and also positively identified the black male Jefferson was with as the same man police had detained.

That man was interviewed by police and told them that he and Jefferson had gone to the BP gas station last Friday night and confirmed they were the men seen in the surveillance video. He told detectives that Jefferson exited the store, put on a hoodie and approached the gas pumps.

Then he said he heard multiple gunshots and saw Jefferson running towards the Tahoe he was driving. He said once Jefferson was in the car he was ordered to get in the passenger seat and Jefferson drove the SUV away.

He said Jefferson tossed the hoodie out after the shooting on 71 Highway, but knew he still had a handgun in his possession when they were arrested Wednesday. Officers who searched the Tahoe had found a fully loaded .40 caliber handgun with a live round in the chamber located underneath a cup holder in the Tahoe.

Jefferson is currently in custody at the Kansas City Jail and is being held on a $500,000 bond according to online court records. His first court date has not been listed at this time.

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Ka'Vyea Tyson remains hospitalized on Tuesday, April 22 after he was shot and critically injured at a KC gas station.

Ka'Vyea Tyson remains hospitalized on Tuesday, April 22 after he was shot and critically injured at a KC gas station.

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  • Willy

    This guy was already out of control when he was a teenager. If a family is recieving government welfare, they should be forced to have an I.Q. test and pass strict parenting classes before they are allowed to have children. We have too many mentally marginal i.e. half retarded people having babies and they don’t have a clue as to how to raise them.


    What u thought u was getting away….I don’t think so….my family is in pain
    Right now….he won’t never se his father again….and he won’t be the same…..but its ok….se the prison has plans for u….oh yeah they are
    Waiting on u….Now since u was so bold to do this crime …and don’t
    Care…..I want to se how u act when you inside those walls…

  • Voice Of Reason

    Why prison? Why spend 50 or more years of taxpayers money to house and feed this homicidal monster? It sounds like there is already sufficient overwhelming, convincing evidence to to allow a quick conviction followed by a quick dispatch to the fires of hell. A thousand years from now he will have only just begun to experience eternal justice. However, personally speaking, if not for the amazing grace of God, most assuredly that too would be my destination.

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  • tinyt

    Ok I’m sorry but wth does this have to do with welfare and all that other mess you are sounding dumb about….. anyway I have followed this story from the beginning. My heart goes out to all the family of the father and son. I do not know them but I have prayed and prayed for the family. I cried when I first saw this on the news I mean so heartless words can not even express the sadness I felt and still feel for this child. I wish I could hug him for hours and let him know Some how some way things will get better. Thank you Lord for catching the animal that caused so much pain and heartache. God is amazing and will carry you and your family through this. Much love from ohio.

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