Victim’s family expresses great relief after arrest of suspected gas station shooter

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Thursday was a good day for the Tyson family, even while 10-year-old Ka’Vyea remained in a hospital bed. They got a call Thursday afternoon from detectives telling them a man named Dontae Jefferson had been arrested, and prosecutors charged him with six criminal counts, including first-degree murder.

Ka'Vyea Tyson witnessed the shooting that killed his father at a gas station last Friday and family members say it was their worst fear that he would get out of the hospital and have to look over his shoulder, wondering if the shooter would come back.

The fourth grader has a long road ahead of him, but now family says this is one less thing he will have to worry about.

"It's like one of those things you always play the lottery. You do the little scratch off and you got it. You don't know whether you want to fall pass out or do a jig. But the first thing you say is thank you God," said grandma Evelyn Tyson

"He does not have to wake up every day wondering if somebody's following him or his mother. He doesn't have to worry about if that's the next man who did this to his father, all those worries are gone. We can just focus on Ka'Vyea that's it," said aunt Ky Martin.

Ka'Vyea is heavily sedated Thursday night and said to be making little progress, but when he wakes up his family can tell him Thursday's good news.

"This is the first miracle, so the next one is about to come, so I'm ready!" exclaimed Evelyn Tyson.

If you wish to assist the family, donations can be made at any area Bank of America into the "Ka'Vyea Buddha Tyson-Curry Foundation."

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  • MMMKay

    i love that the news is covering this tragic accident and following the recovery of young Ka’Vyea but what about the man who got killed? what about Ka’Vyea’s father KC? What about his family who has lost their son, brother, cousin and are there for their nephew as well. I am not trying to start anything because the tyson family is going through hell right now and deserve the support yet so does the Curry family. So if your going to cover a story please take all of it into consideration not just the part that will get you more viewers.

    • Forest Tyson, Jr.

      MMMKay, as a member of the family, I assure you that KC’s life and memory will always be at the forefront of our minds and hearts.

      Both sides of the family have tirelessly sought media attention for this heinous act of violence. Every news channel is covering this story. I vow that the whole story will come out, but there are so many unanswered questions and that may be the reason KC’s story is not being reported. The most important question that we are searching for answers to is MOTIVE if any.

      Again, I vow and promise that KC’s death won’t be in vain, he won’t be just another statistic. Not that he’s any special than any other victim of crime, but this time, in this instance I’m prayer our community our village will once and for all Stand-up and Wake-Up. I’m praying that KC’s murder and Buddha’s fight for life is the catalyst for this movement so many years in the making.

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