Family, friends focus on 5 kids left without their mom following murder

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Five children are now without a mother. The victim shot during a terrible fight in Kansas City, Kan. on Monday died on Wednesday.

Police say the man who killed her died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound when the fight and shooting happened. Adoria Verser was only 29 years old. Wednesday night, some of her high school friends gathered at Washington High School to honor her memory.

Police say the man who killed Verser was Shefrin Smith, 27. But Wednesday night the focus for family and friends was on Verser and how they plan to help care for five children now left without their mother.

"They ask for their mama. The want to see their mama," said Juanita Evans, the grandma of Verser's oldest child.

Verser's children miss their mom. Shefrin, her boyfriend, fought with Verser for several hours before police say he shot her on a sidewalk Monday and then took his own life. The couple leaves behind four children, and another child Verser had from a previous relationship.

"The babies, more worried about the babies because they're not going to have their mother or their father anymore," said Evans.

Verser's oldest child is just nine years old.

"He has his father, but the other four have neither," added Evans, "I don't believe they know what's going on, and I don't know how that's going to be explained to them."

"She loved her children, that was her life," said Toni Thompson, a long-time friend of Verser's. "She lived for them."

Thompson and Verser were friends since they were 14 years old and went to Washington High School together. Thompson organized a vigil to honor her friend and raise money for her children, who are now being referred to as "The Fab 5."

"It's very important to me to know they are taken care of, and that people are willing to help," added Thompson.

Friends and family say this tragedy was out of character of her boyfriend.

"Real friendly, personal guy, you know, he worked, that that happened to her by him is strange, and it was a shock," said Evans.

Thompson says everyone can learn from this, and hopefully this tragedy can prevent other children from losing their parents due to domestic violence.

"If you're hurting inside, or there's anything going on, you need to speak up, and don't be afraid," said Thompson.

Evans says their family will do their very best to give the children the best life possible.

"Between her grandmother, their other grandmother, and myself, and their auntie, I'm sure we'll have to pitch in, each one of us, take our turns, and do what we have to do to raise them," said Evans.

Verser was an organ donor and her family has already made funeral arrangements. KCK Police are encouraging people living in abusive situations to seek assistance and offered these resources:

The Joyce Williams Center: (913) 321-0951
The National Domestic Violence Hotline: (800) 799-SAFE (7233)
Kansas City Metro Domestic Violence Hotline: (816) 452-8535
Kansas Crisis Line: (888) END-ABUSE (363-2287)

If you wish to assist the family, please click on this link

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  • Mother of 2

    My heart truly hurts. I went to high school with Shef and he wasn’t a violent person at all. I’m not excusing what he did because mostly I’m sad about the affect this will have on the children FOREVER! I’m a mother also and I can only imagine what was going through her head during that time. It’s very disturbing and heart wrenching to try to picture that scene. But as people said before it’s not for us to judge bc we don’t know what transpired! I just pray the The Lord gives all the kids peace and understanding in this situation knowing their parents loved them dearly. For the family please guard those children from the negative and cherish happy memories! I know the feeling of a loved one committing suicide and you go through a range of emotions , sad, angry, curious, hurt…but try not to focus on why and how bc nobody will ever know. Lord wrap your arms around all parties involved! In Jesus name.

    To Adorias family and friends. Im so sorry :-(

  • Battle Creek,MI

    My prayers go out to all the children they have lost a parent. She has five children without a mother and he has five children without a father which includes his oldest daughter here in Michigan. By the grace of God they will all overcome this. All 6 of these children are going to need our prayers and support in these coming days. Losing a parent at any age no matter how it happened is hard to deal with. I just ask you Lord to please watch over and protect these 6 babies and the families during this time.