Student charged in Ray-Pec threat with making a terroristic threat

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A FOX 4 viewer emailed these posts made on Facebook that may be related to threats being investigated by police. The school district thinks the language may be based on overheard conversations.

A FOX 4 viewer emailed these posts made on Facebook that may be related to threats being investigated by police. The school district thinks the language may be based on overheard conversations.

PECULIAR, Mo. -- The male student arrested in the Ray-Pec school threat has been formally charged, and will be tried as an adult. In Missouri, someone as young as 17 can be considered an adult.

The Cass County Prosecuting Attorney's Office announced that Daren Davis, 17, has been charged with one count of making a terroristic threat, a class C felony.

Davis is currently in custody and has had his bond for release set at $10,000.

A probable cause statement reveals that Raymore Police received several calls regarding possible threats at the south building of Ray-Pec High School on Wednesday through social media.

Detectives interviewed Davis at home and he told police he had heard about the threats while riding on his school bus. After a check of his home revealed no evidence to link Davis to a threat, court documents say Davis voluntarily agreed to be interviewed at the Raymore Police Department and spoke to police without an attorney.

While at the police station, Davis confessed to a police captain that he had made threats, including that a mass school shooting would happen at the high school on Thursday morning, through social media. Davis said he acted alone and only made the threats to gain attention, he said he never intended to carry out a real assault according to the probable cause statement.

Earlier Thursday morning, Raymore and Peculiar police departments held a news conference to assure the public that it was safe for students to return to school following threats of violence made on social media in the days before.

In an interview with FOX 4's Rob Collins, Ray-Pec School District Superintendent Dr. Kari Monsees said the threats were not credible.

"Our belief was this was not a credible threat and that no one was ever in any real danger," he said.

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Despite the lack of credibility, during Thursday's news conference police stressed the importance for students and parents to understand there are serious consequences for making any threat of violence on social media.

Superintendent Monsees later issue a statement that read in part:

"As a precaution, we will have several officers from the Peculiar and Raymore police departments as well as the Cass County Sherriff’s office at our schools today.  Any students involved in generating false rumors regarding school safety will be addressed through our discipline policy.  We appreciated the cooperation of local law enforcement to help ensure we have a safe school day."

A parent FOX 4 spoke with on Thursday appreciated the efforts to inform by both the school district and law enforcement.

"Parents need to be informed of what`s going on whether there is a direct threat or not, to be able to make that decision for themselves and for their children about what is best. Because you definitely have to take these things seriously," said mom Jessi Wood.

Watch a previous report in the video player below.

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  • Amanda Blackwell

    I’m a student at Raymore Peculiar high school and I find it truly ridiculous that Ray Pec has not canceled school with threats lingering on. They are putting are life’s and school staff member life’s in danger just cause it’s finals.

  • Whitney

    I go to ray-pec and I am not attending school tomorrow just in case . Security and police officers can only protect me so much . And Ray Pec better excuse absences . There will be a lot of angry parents tomorrow.

  • Wayne

    I love how they say it’s not a credible threat. A threat like that is a threat. How many of these stories have family members and neighbors who just can’t believe the person would do the things they had done?

  • Nathan

    I agree with Ray-Pec School District Superintendent Dr. Kari Monsees on the threats not being creditable. The police didn’t find anything to make them suspect any assault was going to take place. First mistake this kid made was talking to a Police Officer without an attorney because we all know how those Officers like to get a confession out any way they can. Either by asking them about it or even just talking about the conversation on Facebook. If you say you wasn’t actually planning on carrying out an assault then they have your confession.

    • Nathan

      I think it would be interesting to watch. I’m sure they told him the usual saying they already knew everything so he should tell them his side of story. Which all they really knew was a student “supposedly” made a threat over what appears to be Facebook and his comments were that of previous mass shootings. They didn’t know that it was an actual threat until he said; ” He only made the threats to gain attention.”