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Good afternoon…

I often like to talk about Chamber Of Commerce type days…needless to say that has not been the case over the last several days…but it’s about to change again.


Tonight: Mostly cloudy skies with clearing weather towards daybreak. Lows dropping into the mid-upper 30s. There is the potential for some patchy frost in a few areas. It may not be widespread…if you’re plants are very sensitive to the colder air then I’d probably take them inside or cover…just to be safe.

Tomorrow: Assuming the clouds clear out later tonight…it should be a MUCH nicer day with highs surging to near 70°.

Weekend: Looks great with no threat of rain or thunderstorms and temperatures will be warming up nicely with highs into the 70s. Could be a bit on the breezy side on Sunday.


I’ll get to our weather in a moment…but I just want to point out what has happened in the Pensacola area over the last couple of days in case you haven’t heard. It has not only rained but it has gone to an extreme down there. On Tuesday day/night they had a ton of rain. Some places had over 24″ of rain in 1 day! To put that in perspective that is more rain than Los Angeles  has had since 1/1/2012 I think. it was historic and may never happen again in out lifetime. Take a look at the doppler estimates showing the extent of the significant rainfall…


This caused, as you might imagine, all sorts of flooding issues. Roads were washed away and the flooding will cost that area 100s of millions of dollars, if not more…to fix over the next few years. Here is a full write-up from the NWS in Mobile, AL concerning the situation that occurred.

Check out this video that crossed my twitter feed today (@fox4wx) showing you exactly what NOT to do when it comes to driving on flooded roads.

It’s funny…we talk so much about how hurricanes and tornadoes are the biggest issues when it comes to fatalities nationwide…but in reality, and excluding temperature extremes (notice the heat numbers)…flooding is a bigger issue (on average) through the nation every year.


That system actually moved up the east coast and created record rainfall in the northeast last night with 4-8″ of rain for parts of the NE. As a matter of fact yesterday was the 10th wettest day in NYC weather history!

Meanwhile as far as our weather goes…things are dreary but there are hopeful signs. We’ve been impacted by the same storm that gave parts of the area severe weather on Sunday…well the same storm is still wrapping moisture back through the area…and every time the sun tries to come out…and it tries to warm up…we cloud right back over and even see some light drizzle/showers move through in the NW flow.


Tomorrow that feature should be far enough away to allow skies to become mostly sunny. Since the pocket of colder air aloft will be farther away as well…that too means the clouds that pop in the heating will be farther away too!

So with Friday looking good and the weather looking good through the weekend…when do things get more interesting? Well a couple of days ago I started the blog talking about the potential of MUCH warmer weather next week…and I still feel that is possible…we’re talking well into the 80s potentially for a couple of days next week. 83-88° would not surprise me at all.

The next threat of rain should hold off till next WED at the earliest with increasing chances later in the week. This is connected to a storm that will go through various very slow evolutions over the next 5-7 days as it moves through the western part of the country. The storm now is off the WA/OR coastline…you can see it on the water vapor image out there.


It’s far too early to speculate how this plays out next week…but obviously with the early part of May settling in and temperatures heating up (finally) we’ll probably at some point concern ourselves with the potential of more severe weather and potentially some more decent+ rainfall later in the week.

It would be nice if some of this rain moves a bit farther south towards S KS southwards…I continue to be concerned about the drought situation down there…and what it may mean again for our summer here. Droughts in many areas of the Plains typically translate into hotter conditions during the summer…and while we’re in good shape now and for the immediate future there is a LOT of Midwest real estate that is in rough shape…

Something to really start paying attention too…because it could very well influence our summer weather here at some point…how? Well heat domes love to form over large  areas of drought regions. You may remember a couple of years ago when the Plains were baking. We were hot through the summer then drought conditions moved into the region late in the summer and through most of the fall. Just something to file in the back of your minds for a few months and certainly I feel it’s something to watch.

That’s it for today…I should get another blog together earlier tomorrow…probably before 1Pm or so.

Have a great Thursday night!


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1 Comment

  • Dave Howard

    Great job Joe. I will be glad when the 50 degree temps are history until fall. Looks like a hot summer ahead, even though the farmers almanac says colder, we will see. We will probably go right into warm to hot and humid weather which is fine with me, and my garden.