Man charged with tampering in strange case involving naked, bloody man, murdered woman, stolen car

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A 30-year-old man faces charges in Clay County related to a bizarre scene and the death of a woman Wednesday morning in Kansas City's Northland. The victim has been identified as Michelle Boldrige, 31, from Kansas City.

Marcus J. Simms, 30, has not been charged with the woman's murder. He's currently charged with felony tampering for "knowingly and without the consent of the owner" operating an automobile.

Police arrested Simms Wednesday after a car crash in Parkville and after witnesses reported a man was running around naked and covered in blood, claiming someone killed his girlfriend.

7900 block of Hickory. A woman was found dead in an apartment.

7900 block of Hickory. A woman was found dead in an apartment.

Wednesday morning, Michele Boldridge was found inside an apartment in the 7900 block of North Hickory, the same apartment complex where Simms lives. At about 6:50 a.m. neighbors began reporting a bloodied, naked man banging on doors, yelling about his girlfriend being killed.

According to the probable cause statement released on Thursday by Clay County officials, the tampering charge was filed after a bus driver for the Liberty Public School District reported seeing a naked man outside her bus parked at the Liberty Public School Bus Barn, 801 S. Kent.

They received the call on it at about 7:25 a.m. The bus driver says she told the man "Go away," to which she told police he replied, "You don't understand, someone just killed my girlfriend!"

She says she directed him to the bus barn building and described to police that he 'ran on his toes' and tried to gain entrance.

Police were provided a surveillance video of the bus barn property and they say they saw what the bus driver described. Furthermore, they say that a few seconds after the naked man left the view of the cameras, a silver minivan exited the parking lot.  The person seen on the surveillance video driving the minivan appeared to be a black man, holding a blue key lanyard in one hand and an electronic device in the other.

Police say his hands also appeared to be stained red.

They say they later discovered that the owner of that minivan was the Liberty Public School District bus driver, who stated she left her silver Chrysler Town and Country minivan unlocked with her keys on the driver's floorboard so that her daughter could use the vehicle to go to school.

The minivan was involved in a crash in Parkville, Mo., at I-435 and 152 Highway, where Mr. Simms was detained and then transported to the hospital.

He admitted at the crash scene that he was driving the silver minivan and unable to explain to officers why he left the road.

Police also say that when they checked the area from which the man seemed to come on the video, they found a car, a Ford Focus, with what looked like blood inside of it; on the steering wheel, the gear shift, and on the screen of a cell phone on the floor of the back passenger-side.

The green 2005 Ford Focus was parked in a parking space on the east side of the building of 910 Kent, which is the Probation and Parole office in Liberty, Mo.

According to a statement from the Platte County RIII School District website, Simms worked as an assistant coach for the freshman boys' basketball team between October 2011 and February 2014.

"To support any students impacted by this event, our counseling staff is on hand," the statement said.

Simms is to appear in Clay County Court on May 6 on the tampering charge.

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