Sober woman arrested for drunk driving after police officer crashes into her car

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WeykerMILWAUKEE — A 25-year-old woman with a spotless driving record has spent the last year battling drunk driving charges she says aren’t true.

According to FOX 6 Now, Tanya Weyker was injured Feb. 20, 2013 when a Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Deputy rolled through a stop sign and crashed into her car. The impact broke her neck in four places. Already she has metal rods in her back after prolonged radiation left her spine curved as a child.

Officers at the scene arrested her for drunk driving, but Weyker said she wasn’t drunk. She was injured too severely to blow in a breath-testing device, but blood tests later revealed she was, in fact, sober. Still, the county didn’t drop the charges.

In an in-depth interview, Weyker explains what she’s been through the last year and what she’s doing to clear her good name. Read more from FOX 6 Now.

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  • Riley

    The dirty cop needed to clear his name for the accident report. He was probably worried he would face manslaughter charges and He should at least be charged with attempted manslaughter at this point.

  • Bob

    Yank the cop’s driver’s license.

    This is probably an example of a state’s implied consent law being abused. It did not matter that she was injured, she is considered guilty because she refused to blow on the breathalyzer. If she got a decent attorney, she could really have a field day with this one.

  • Bob Dole

    When I tell someone I’m studying law, the first thing they often ask is if I’m going to be a criminal lawyer or a prosecutor. This sh*t right here is why I would never want to work, or being associated with, the government side of the justice side. Who, with any kind of moral integrity, would want to be associated with that? While criminal defense comes a bit naturally for me, I wouldn’t want to practice it. Anecdotally, 99% of the clients that you see are guilty of said crime and they all have some crazy, unbelievable reason why they shouldn’t go to jail. Frankly, it would burn me out too quickly.

    That being said, THIS case I would happily take on, pro bono, for the sole purpose of sticking it to those who think they’re above the law, those who refuse to take responsibility for their actions and those who professionally facilitate that lack of responsibility, and those who can’t recognize what is right and what is wrong. These people give the criminal justice system a bad name.