Local family humiliated after police raid their home looking for marijuana

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LEAWOOD, Kan. -- A Leawood family says they were humiliated after police raided their home.

They say investigators told them they were there to search for marijuana. The family of four got no further explanation even after nothing was found. They felt powerless, but all this caught the attention of lawmakers who are fighting to give them their power back.

Bob and Addlyn Harte's home was searched by investigators for two hours and the whole time they had no idea why.

"I was kind of getting up, and I just heard this banging," Bob Harte said.

"I'm going to forever have this image of Bob face down hands behind his head, with an assault rifle over him," Addlyn Harte said.

Bob and Addlyn sat quietly on a couch in their living room with their two kids as police raided their home. Investigators finally told them they were there to search for marijuana.

"I had never smoked pot. Bob hadn't either," said Addlyn.

"I'm telling them ‘you're in the wrong house,’" Bob said.

Investigators never found marijuana and for a year the Harte’s never found any answers to their questions, until they sued.

The family finally got their hands on a probable cause statement. They say it said the search started after they spotted Bob at a hydroponics store. Bob said he was there to buy supplies for his in-home garden he was growing tomatoes in.

They say the statement also described finding stems in the Harte's trash. Addlyn says that was left over herbal tea she brews every day.

"We felt so violated by the government," she said.

But Kansas lawmakers are trying to make it right. They passed a bill that will give the Harte’s and other families more rights. It'll give them access to Kansas police records that justify arrests and search warrants.

"It's huge and it restores some faith in the process," said Addlyn.

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  • Storm Crow

    So, now you don’t dare buy hydroponic supplies or the cops will bust down your door, terrorize your family, maybe shoot your dogs, and will leave your home a total wreck for you to fix. Welcome to the new world!

    And have you seen what military “toys” your local police department has now? Our local Siskiyou cops got a MaxxPro Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle, recycled from Afghanistan, about 8 months ago. It stands about 14 feet high measured from the machine gun turret on top. Exactly which American citizens are they planning to use this deadly weapon of war on? It’s not like we are in a war zone here- heck, we only have a couple murders a year. There really isn’t that much crime! Yet our cops worked for YEARS to get this useless “military toy” to “play with”!

  • Uncle Ham

    When the topic of how ridiculous current prohibition of cannabis is this story always seems to be brought up. This story has gained national news attention. And this happened a couple years ago. Sad, well, even more sad fact is I remember several of these stories in the news over the past couple years. One guy was an EMT from Independence, who was also growing tomatoes. We know prison guard unions lobby for prohibition – for obvious reasons. I’m curious is local LEO departments in bed with agriculture lobby to snuff out small farmers and their harlem tomatoes.

  • Alex

    Ridiculous! I hope this family gets every penny they are asking for, I also hope that the idiots doing the investigation on this family are fired or held accountable. Its 2014, why are we wasting tax dollars on this.

  • Philo Van Kempen

    An easy fix to this problem is an end to the war on drugs. There is no reason to assault anyone over ANY plant. It’s ridiculous to say we live in a free country when I’m free to grow deadly digitalis in my front yard yet face punishment for growing a non-toxic medicinal herb.

  • Elmer Fudd

    We are beginning to see who the real addicts are.Cops are addicted to OUR money. When marijuana is legalized there will have to be a whole lot of rehab for the police department.

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