Man who saw body parts in Sedalia describes revolting sight

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SEDALIA, Mo. – The Pettis County Sheriff is investigating after human remains were found outside a residence just south of Sedalia, Mo., on Sunday afternoon.

Police said around 2:30 p.m. Sunday deputies were called to the Goodwill Chapel Trailer Park located in the 26000 block of Goodwill Chapel Road.

Neighbors told FOX 4's Robert Townsend on Monday the landlord of the trailer had evicted the resident last week. When the landlord and her grandson checked on the property on Sunday, they smelled a foul odor.

Shortly after, the landlord and the grandson found the human remains inside a metal bin in front of the trailer, outside by the door. Other parts were found across the street in the woods.

"It was actually two arms and a leg and what looked to me to be a decomposed nose without the flesh on it," said Jeremy Faulk, amaintenance worker who saw the parts in the bin by the residence.

He can't forget the decomposing hand.

"The tips looked like they had been decomposed. You could see the bones coming out from the tips," he said.

Police would not confirm this information. They said they could not determine without an autopsy whether the body parts were that of a man or a woman.

Cadaver dogs were brought in to search the area. Deputies wearing gloves on their hands were seen removing evidence from the trailer, including women's clothing and a mattress that appeared to be stained with blood. The sheriff also says they removed a shovel and a pickaxe from the scene.

Joseph Arbeiter, 65, has been charged in Pettis Co. with assault, attempted rape, and sodomy. He was the last resident of the trailer in Sedalia, where body parts were discovered on Sunday, May 4.

Joseph Arbeiter, 65, has been charged in Pettis Co. with assault, attempted rape, and sodomy. He was the last resident of the trailer in Sedalia, where body parts were discovered on Sunday, May 4.

The last tenant of the trailer was 65-year-old man named Joseph Arbeiter. He has not been named a suspect. However, he is a suspect in another crime. Last Wednesday deputies arrested him for the attempted rape of a neighbor at a trailer down the street.

Arbeiter is charged with assault, sodomy, and attempted rape, as well as armed criminal action and tampering with a victim.

"Well, at this point and time we're considering this a suspicious death investigation. We're trying to concentrate on gathering as much evidence and intelligence as we can," said Pettis County Sheriff Kevin Bond.

The remains were transported to the Boone County Medical Examiners Office where an autopsy is scheduled to be conducted on Wednesday.

The property in Sedalia where authorities searched for more body parts after finding decomposed parts in a bin near a trailer.

The property in Sedalia where authorities searched for more body parts after finding decomposed parts in a bin near a trailer.

Some parents expressed concern for the safety of their children after hearing about the investigation.

"I don't want my children to go to the bus without me," Tracie Karigan, resident, said. "I want to know that they're getting on that bus and they are safe, and that's because of all this that's going on now."

Karigan said she grew up in Sedalia and has never been afraid -- until now.

"It used to be where we could leave our doors unlocked," she said, adding that she's in a state of shock.

"I'm not angry," she said. "I've got like this disbelief because you turn on the news and you hear about it in Kansas City. There was a shooting here, there was something found there, but you've never heard of it in the little town of Sedalia. Sedalia isn't as sweet and innocent as it used to be. It's getting crazy."

The Crash Investigation Team from the Missouri State Highway Patrol is assisting in the investigation.

Anyone with information regarding this case is urged to contact the Pettis County Crime Stoppers TIPS Hotline at 660-827-TIPS, or call the Pettis County Sheriff’s Office at 660-827-0052.

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    • Kelly Durnell Taylor

      billy bob, took this from the Sedalia website.

      “Founded in 1860 as a railroad TOWN, Sedalia is a community rich in history and confidently pursuing its future as a 21st century city.” So if it’s not a town in MO – please tell us what it is?

      • Observant

        He said Sedailia….with the extra ‘i’ is not a town in MO, because it is misspelled…so maybe calm down a bit.

      • Kelly Durnell Taylor

        My point “Observant” was that the spelling nazis really need to chill. Just like you do. He knew exactly what town was being written about so let it go.- unless the people complaining about spelling are perfect, which I doubt.

  • the good guy

    No details if it was just bones or what, but if where lucky its the remains of the woman who disappered from sedalia a long time ago from the bar. So the family can get answeres.

  • Concerned

    I know a homeless couple was staying in 1 of the trailers here and have not been hear from since Saturday, I seriously hope it is not them as they are related to my husband

  • New and Improved

    That trailer park is one of the nastiest ones they have in Sedalia, so I’m not surprised something like this would arise over there. Sedalia has turned into a white trash black hole full of meth and undesirables. So sad to see this.

    • Not Surprised

      People are so shocked that something like this can happen in Sedalia. I am also a Sedalia native, that decided to leave. In 2012, I had my own home broken in to, and I ended up getting stabbed twice. I lived in a safe neighborhood in what was considered a safe part of town. Sedalia is not what it once was, it’s time to remove your blinders.

      • Not Surprised

        I should add that my home was broken in to by a meth addicted scumbag that was squatting in a trailer park that was several blocks from my home.

  • crys

    It doesn’t have anything to do with sedalia or trailer Parks this could have happened anywhere. There are sick people everywhere. I agree that sedalia’s crime rate is escalating but that is happening everywhere not just sedalia. So I don’t understand why people are blaming sedalia hmmm?

  • Kelsey

    Actually, crime rates are not as high everywhere as people think. Crime, especially murder, is played up more in the media. But all the same, no, Sedalia is not as innocent as it comes off to be.

  • lele

    Sedalia has a NEVER been a sweet or innocent town. Its full of Meth users,dealers as well as sex offenders, & unsolved murders. The corruption is unbelievable. That’s why my family moved to avoid such crud. I don’t want my children around all that. I know I can’t protect them forever,but I’m not just going to feed them to the lions either .

  • beck

    OK so because my disabled grandmother makes a living renting trailers she should be degraded because something unfortunate happened r u flipping serious it could have happened anywhere but since its not the rich and fanciest place people have to talk shit u know what my grandmother don’t dig for dirt on people she gives everyone equal opportunityand as far as ur comment goes about children and that trailer court r u flipping serious there are renters mind u that r registered sex offenders there r sex offenders everywhere and meth Addicts n bla bla how was she to know something like this was to happin leave my grandmother out of this!!!!

  • Jay

    First of all according to the sex offender list there was only one living out there. Joseph luera and he no longer lives there now. Second is so what your saying is if someone gets caught pissing in the woods lands on the sex offender list now there after little kids. Know the facts know the case before placing a jacket on someone who don’t deserve it. Yes there are sick people out there everywhere agreed but I wonder just how well do you know your neighbor or babysitter or how about your boss? As for the owners they ARE good people who help all in need even when its you so I say if you think so badly of that place then stay away and mind your own.

  • Stellar77

    You people are more worried about a grammar lesson than the murder . How pathetic . I personally know the family of the victim and they are suffering a great loss. And if you think for one minutes they aren’t reading these comments you are sadly mistaken. How about some compassion and prayers for those motherless children ? Quit trying to be grammar police and complaining about small things . Go home and hug your family and be glad you still have them with you . This family needs prayers in their long painful road that they have to travel !