Mom accused of assaulting off-duty officer, trying to hit her with fire extinguisher

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- What started with a dispute over a Minnie Mouse coat ended in a fight between a mother of two and an off-duty police officer at a daycare on Tuesday.

Kelsi Hoem, 22, was charged on Wednesday with assault of a law enforcement officer after allegedly biting, stabbing and nearly hitting the off-duty officer with a fire extinguisher according to the Clay County Prosecutor's Office.

The incident began when Hoem went into Sweet Beginnings child care center on North Oak Trafficway with her children, ages two and four. The owner of the daycare, Jessica Sweet, said her kids' care was discontinued last week and Hoem forced her way in through a secure door.

"This was very erratic, crazy behavior," Sweet told FOX 4's Macradee Aegerter.

While inside, Hoem grabbed the Minnie Mouse coat. A probable cause statement indicates another person told her the coat did not belong to her and tried to pull it away. Hoem, while holding her children, pushed and kicked that person in the leg according to the court document. She then left the building.

"Left her children inside without her. Tried to return and the teacher prevented her from returning," Sweet said.

That's when an off-duty officer arrived to pick up her own child, but was asked by staff to escort Hoem away from the building. Hoem's children had been taken to a secure area.

Despite the off-duty officer being identified as law enforcement, Hoem is accused of pushing the officer after she asked Hoem to leave. The off-duty officer then attempted to grab Hoem and they both fell to the ground.

Both Hoem and the officer attempted to subdue one another. Hoem is accused of squeezing the officer's inner right thigh, which prompted the officer to attempt a lateral vascular neck restraint. Hoem then allegedly bit the officer's left arm and scraped her right arm while attempting to stab her with keys.

Hoem is then accused of grabbing a fire extinguisher off of a wall and tried to hit the officer, who was able to block a direct hit with her arm. The probable cause statement indicates the scuffle lasted eight minutes and Hoem continued to resist even after backup officers arrived.

"It was unfortunate what happened, and I'm worried about her children," Sweet said.

The officer reportedly sustained numerous injuries, including scrapes and visible bite marks. During Hoem's interview at KCPD police headquarters she admitted to her role in the incident and initially wrote out an apology, including remorse for the officer's injuries. However, the probable cause statement indicates she recanted that part by crossing out the apology to the officer.

Hoem's charge is a class C felony and if convicted she faces no less than two and no more than seven years in prison, she may also face a fine.

Her bond has been set at $20,000, and she's due to appear in a Clay County courtroom next Monday. As of Wednesday night, Hoem was in custody at the Clay County Detention Center.

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  • John Smith

    Everyone knows that Minnie is cheating on Mickey with Goofy, and because it was hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk today, I really doubt that wrestling over a coat in front of children was necessary.

    • Kelly

      The business the cop had being there was she was picking up her child and was asked to assist in getting the woman out of there. You must be a real piece of work or don’t understand English when you hear it. She was identified as a police officer, my guess is she was probably in uniform. Man some people are really thick these days. Kudos to the officer since all she was doing was picking up her child.

  • Betsy Wactor- Mathews

    Sounds to me like both the mother and the child care workers were at fault for the escalation of this problem. If they had given her the coat she probably would have left without an incident. Once they separated her from her children she became enraged, like many a mother would be, especially when they were asking her to leave without them. They might be charged with kidnapping if they have it all on camera and the story is clear. Who knows? The woman is obviously troubled if they were refusing care. They should have allowed her to collect her children’s things if that was the case. I doubt she was trying to steal a coat that belonged to someone else. If she was, she’s just crazy and I’m sorry for her and her children. It really does sound like a control freak pushing buttons on an already troubled person to me. Sad situation.

      • squeaky wheeler

        The article quoted others as saying the coat didn’t belong to the psycho mom. Who knows if they were correct in their assumptions?

        Based on my knowledge and experience of human interaction, I believe a control freak at the day care escalated this. Personnel could have very calmly said, “yes, it sounds like you’re here to pick up certain items and we want you to have them, but with the day care full of children, we can’t let you in right now.”

        Any number of things could have deescalated this horrible situation. Taking the woman’s children only exacerbated the situation.

  • Speakingthetruth

    What I really want to know is why are they fighting over a coat!?!?!? It was like 90 degrees out yesterday. That hot makes me not even want to walk to the fridge to get another beer little less wrestle with someone over a coat that is not needed. Unless, it was a sleeveless coat (vest) then it is understandable because those things are just cool. I would fight 50 angry childcare workers to get my mitts on one. On a side note, that chic is hotttt!!!! And she is can fight! That is a keeper!!!

  • JTC

    If you want to see an ignorant statement, look up at Darold Stagner’s. Ha seriously man? The cop isnt even on the clock and still helps and youre one to criticize? Im sure youd be the one with your camera phone in one hand and your thumb up your butt with the other

    • Terry Roberts

      The cop should have had sense to call in first, then try to calm the woman down. Seems lately it’s a badge of honor for K.C. off duty cops to jump in and do some damage where they could do otherwise and avoid bad situations. Must be some new kind of cop training, fight or shoot first ask questions later.

  • Terry Roberts

    They fight for eight minutes, yet no on duty police show up in that time? Sounds like everyone else taking their sweet time, enjoying the fight!!! If they knew who the coat belonged to why didn’t someone tell her that? They knew who she was so no doubt should have had her address, etc. so why cause such a stir (maybe it is a control freak). Let her take her kids and leave, not have anything going on with the other kids watching, if the jacket not hers, let the police take a report and then go get it. For allowing that much to go on in front of my child when not necessary, they would be taken out of that service. As far as the off duty cop, she should have more training than to get herself in that situation. Sounds like an owner and off duty cop had power trips and didn’t like being stood up to.

  • sbrewer

    People with an agenda can come at you when where you feel as though you have very options, but confrontation. It truly doesn’t matter who the coat belonged to, as she wasn’t going to be rational either way. If it wasn’t a coat it would have been something else. Child care had been terminated for her children, and maybe she felt it was done unjustly. The right thing to do was to ask the officer there to help subdue the situation but the fact that she was police officer actually might have made it worse. There are some people that have little or no respect for law enforcment officials no matter what the situation is, and no I don’t think all law enforcement officers have good intentions, but I find it hard to believe that one picking up her child really wanted to tangle with a civilian.

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