Senior boys dress for success at Lansing HS… literally

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LANSING, Kan. -- "Dress" for success is took on a new meaning of sorts at Lansing High School in Leavenworth County. On Wednesday several boys put on dresses at school as part of "Senior Spirit Week" only to be told take them off by the principal.

The boys say they put on the dresses, all in the name of fun, but for the principal it was no laughing matter.

"Yeah, just have fun. You know, wear a dress for success," said Lansing HS senior David Potter. I was about to get one that was supposed to be a little tighter, but I was like, it's got to be six inches above the knee."

He thought his outfit would fit with the spirit of the week.

“I really thought it was just gonna be kind of funny, part of the title, ‘Dress for Success," said Potter.

The superintendent said two weeks ago a leadership class at the school proposed to have "Senior Spirit Week" as a way for seniors to celebrate who they are and their last week of school.

The students kicked off the week with "Patriotic Day,” “Toga Day,” and “Represent Your College Day.” When "Dress for Success Day" rolled around, Potter and seven other senior boys donned their dresses.

“It was kind of fun to wear,” said Potter.

But Lansing High School’s principal said boys in dresses in class was a distraction for other students. So after the first period Potter and his dress wearing buddies had to hang up their dresses. Several girls, who wore men's suits, were able to keep sporting them.

"The main reaction was, why? Because we weren't violating code at all," Potter said.

All of the students we talked to say let the boys be boys and have fun and wear their dresses.

"Think they should have. I mean girls are allowed to wear the same things guys are, so I meant it's not really a distraction," said student Rebecca Moore.

“I think that's funny. I really like that, you know, it’s freedom of expression. If they wanted to dress like women just for the heck of it, let them," said student Christian Fouquet

David and his buddies changed their clothes and went back to class without any problems. No disciplinary action of any kind was necessary.

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  • Katherine Makin

    Steve Dike has a policy of tormenting students that he thinks are problem kids, however he is just a bully because most of those students are great kids.

  • Erica

    As an ex student of this school.. And one who was picked on by STDike, this doesn’t surprise me. The actual education of the students in his school was never a priority for him, only compliance and rules. Which, if I remember correctly, isn’t the point of school. Dike is not a good principal or authority figure of any kind. I agree with all the comments before me. And props to the boys who did this, it was cute and funny. Why would dike try to ruin their senior week for them? Dick.

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