First called a “favor,” man gets duped by door-to-door meat salesmen

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Head down to Patrick Wetherton's basement and he'll show you how he says he was scammed. Wetherton opened a freezer full of meat. There's a lot in there, but not $3,000 worth.

That's what Wetherton realized he was charged for the meat after the men who loaded up two freezers left his home.

"All I know is that if God loved liars, he'd squeeze those two to death," said 78-year-old Wetherton of Kansas City.

The retired Ford Motor Company employee said the door-to-door salesmen told him they were doing him a favor.

"They said they had a delivery that someone had backed out on," Wetherton said.

He said the men told him they would give him the whole delivery of chicken and pork for free and just charge him for the beef.

Wetherton said he trusted the men because he thought they were helping out an old man. He even agreed to sign a blank charge card receipt that one of the salesmen told him he would fill out after he had tallied up the order.

Later that day, Wetherton found the filled out receipt sitting on his smoker. That's when he learned the truth. It was for $2,837, plus another $255, which appeared to be added as an afterthought as a tip, since it wasn't even included in the total.

Although the white Tundra the salesmen drove had no company name on it, the credit card transaction tracks back to Ranch House Quality Meats, a company FOX 4 Problem Solvers knows all too well.

Last year, Ranch House was operating under the name Ur Local Butcher. Problem Solvers was contacted by two local customers who said they were either overcharged or received bad meat from the door-to-door operation.

The company is owned by Rodney Creighton and operates from an unmarked warehouse in the East Bottoms on Carrington Street. When we visited last year no one who worked there would talk to us. We got the same warm reception this time when we tried to visit again.

Last year, owner Creighton contacted us by phone and even resolved one customer's complaint by giving her her money back, but this time FOX  4 Problem Solvers has unable to reach Creighton, despite leaving him a message on Facebook, contacting his ex-wife and trying every listed number we can find for the company.

The Better Business Bureau has given the company an F-rating after a string of unanswered complaints. All of which is why Ranch House Quality Meats and Rodney Creighton are now official members of the FOX 4 Problem Solves Hall of Shame.

The Platte County Prosecutor's Office in now looking into Mr. Wetherton's complaint.

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  • Melissa

    I have ordered meat from this company multiple times in the last year, I have never had a problem. Their products are always good and if they werent I wouldnt be a repeat customer, nor have I ever had any problems from this company. Who signs a blank charge receipt and then claims to be overcharged and calls the news over it ????? Someone with no kind of common sense

    • Ben

      If the police are looking for this thief, they should contact Melissa because she must know him well and how to get in touch with him since she is a repeat customer. I wonder if she buys his meat off the truck or the meat in his pants.

    • Later May Day PayD

      I take it @Melissa either dates someone from this company or she works for them. I work next door to this company. With that said we have several customers of theirs come in every month to our office looking for them. The clients looking for this meat shop never have anything good to say, they are usually upset. I personally would not buy anything from this place just for the simple fact just about everyone I see working out of the so called meat shop all look as if they just got out of jail. On another note, The parking in-front and out back of the meat shop usually have beer cans/bottles laying around along with empty meat boxes.

      • NEXT DOOR

        I agree!! i also work next door. We always find trash out side along with beer bottle in the parking lot. I never feel comfortable around this company. when it come to taking smoke brakes i always buddy up with co-workers. We even watch the employees get in fights with the owners / bosses not sure who this guy was.


      Its a shame this company would take advantage of elderly people. Then for you to call these people stupid is a shame and you will have to answer to GOD one day

  • WhySoSerious

    HAHA agreed, too bad they took advantage of an elderly man but remember people buying meat out of the back of someones truck is never a good idea no matter how good it sounds!

  • Ben

    The old man should have been smarter than he was. It is no wonder crooks pick on old people. They are just too easy and vulnerable. It is time for the old folks to wisen up and stop making it so easy for the thieves.

  • Tyrone

    Is no one smart enough to question, they were charged 2837. then they claim a 255 “tip”, but the total is 2837. sorry, but this doesn’t add up. there could be a lot of explanations, but claiming he paid an additional 255 when it’s not on there, is false. The other thing, is, what is the fair market value of what he received? I’m not sticking up for this guy, but seriously, where’s the full, ACCURATE story? was this 500 worth of meat? 1500? 2200? and this guy claims he was told the chicken and other was free, but what if that was not the agreement? what about the total value of what he received? Let’s do a FULL story, not just pieces. In the end, this guy may have completely ripped off the other guy, but we just don’t know. Seriously, does anyone have math skills anymore???

    • Linda Wagar

      Sorry to have not explained that more fully. His charge card was charged the entire amount, tip, plus the the meat charge. That’s even though the tip was added to the receipt after the receipt has already been totalled. After the story aired, another doo-to-door meat service estimated the amount of product he actually received to be worth $300-400.

  • melissa

    Tyrone is the only person who has left a comment that has any kind of point that makes any sense.All the rest of the comments are ignorant and hateful…you people want to talk about god yet I’m pretty sure ” choke on meat and die” is not in the bible, I will have to double check on that though…lol. If this company was ripping off people left and right it would not stay in business. Just because I gave imput on my own experiences with this company doesnt make any of the ridiculous stuff said above true, it just makes the people who made the comments pathetic and of low education.I am not the only person who buys meat from them and there is more than one salesman that works there, clearly you people just want to take your hatred out on someone without knowing the full story and that’s fine. I have a right to give my opinion just like the rest of you except I did not rant and rave about assumptions I just shared my own experience without being hateful or placing unwarranted blame.Say whatever you want, Trust me Im not losing sleep over your comments
    P.S. To the gentlemen named Ben who left a comment, your mom is the only one I know who is into that :)

  • bill

    We were victims of the same door to door meat scam in Yuma AZ. They call themselves Ranch and Sea Delivery ( You describe to a tee their high pressure tactics and crappy quality meat..

  • Andy

    Door to door beef salesmen sold me product that turned out to be under weight and below standard, I stopped payment on the check and told them to pick up their product in one week. If
    they do not come for it can I trough it out? Not eatable for humans.