Kansas City Moms Blog announces Mom of the Year Winner

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Kansas City Moms Blog announced its "Mom of the Year" winner. The blog chose six finalists. Readers then select their three favorites. The winner was Maggie Sabato. Her daughter, Stephanie, wrote the excerpt below to nominate her. Together they appeared on FOX 4's Morning Show on Thursday.

Stephanie's nomination letter:

My mom is unbelievable! Her name is Margaret Anne 'Maggie' Giacolone-Sabato. Maggie has survived (and thrived) 12 years living with a rare cancer that was once believed incurable. Well, that`s all my mom needs - a good challenge - she takes any challenge and transforms it into an inspiring life lesson.

Maggie has also raised my sister and myself independently from the time she was 29 years of age. Mom had to be away from the home 10 hours a day working and commuting. Nonetheless she has always had a way of making us feel that we were the center of her universe. Even when we had no money - living paycheck to paycheck - Mom would scourer the downtown stores of Kansas City during her lunch break searching for the two-for sales to dress us like little fashion models. She has always had a great sense of style, and a lion`s share of practical frugality!

At 84 she runs circles around my girlfriends and me. Oh yes - she's one of the girlfriends. She has an exhilarating quality that typifies youth, style, feminine power, fun, and a good amount of sassiness that makes her the life at any party or dinner table.

She instilled in us a sense of dignity, personal power, and courage to encounter and turn every difficulty into a lesson for building character and developing insight. She is our fashionista consultant, financial advisor, and our go-to person when we need to talk something out of our system. She is always on our side, but also the first person to challenge us to be truthful and forthright in our every dealing with others.

A few years ago Maggie took a tumble and broke her hip in two places and her upper arm. Her hip was pinned and screwed back together. The bone in her arm was so damaged that they had to replace the upper bone and shoulder joint with an artificial implant. She took the news of her injuries with so much courage, grace, and determination to return to her active independent lifestyle.

When she was going into her second surgery in two days to replace the damaged arm and shoulder she was completely anesthetized. I was in pre-op with her. She was snoring and completely out. A male surgical nurse entered the room and asked, 'Why is your Mom back?' He then went on to tell me  that he was the nurse during the prior day`s surgery. He said, 'Perhaps I shouldn't tell you this, but it is a compliment to your Mother. Yesterday we were noting the quality and texture of your Mother`s skin.' At that very moment Mom awoke from a snoring, slobbering sleep and turned her head toward the nurse and said, 'Are you talking about me?' She gave us a good laugh, and it was a comfort to me to know Mom was in usual form and would certainly make it through the ordeal of another surgery.

Maggie still lives in her own home, drives to church everyday with a strong belief in the power of prayer, does her own housework, manages a very active black Labrador. Mom has amassed a sizable financial portfolio through tiny weeny investments over the years from a very trifle salary. She has done this on her own without any advice from anyone. She taught me that you don`t have to wait to have extra dollars to start saving. You`d be surprise how valuable that advice has been to me as I see what I have been able to accomplish financially through their following their example and words of wisdom.

I just know she will inspire so many single moms, people who are living with health issues, or struggling through financial crisis. Mom`s story gives others hope!



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