Dad recounts brazen carjacking where suspects fled with girl in SUV

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Kan.-- A three-year-old girl is safe with family and two people are behind bars following a carjacking in KCK Wednesday night. Prosecutors haven’t released information on whether that pair will face charges in the incident that happened just after midnight near 38th and Everett.

FOX 4's Megan Dillard talked with the dad who said he walked out of a gas station and both his vehicle and toddler were gone.

“All I could think about was my daughter. When I came outside, my car was gone,” Destiny Goston said.

He’d stopped at the Phillips 66 at 38th and State to buy cigarettes at about midnight Wednesday. He said he felt helpless when he saw what happened.

“I couldn't do nothing but run around and see if I could find the vehicle and call the police at the same time,” Goston said. “Some person told me there was a car about a half a block away and I just ran to it.”

He ran over to the parking lot of CVS, just down the street, where his Chevrolet blazer remained Thursday morning. The child was not hurt and the suspects were quickly apprehended.

Syliva Wiggins has lived in that area all of her life and lamented that crime is becoming more frequent.

“It used to be a typically good neighborhood, but now, things are just slowly happening more and more and more and you just have to start being on watch,” she said.

On watch, she says, for activity that needs to stop.

“You don't want people stealing from you, so you shouldn't be out stealing from other people and putting other people's lives in danger,” she said.

Danger that Goston is glad didn’t escalate into something worse. He said,

“Thank God that they found them because not a lot of people get to see they kids, or get the opportunity to get their kids back that quick,” he said.

FOX 4 has been unable to confirm with police whether Goston’s car was running when he went into the store. Goston said his engine was off, but his music was on.

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  • DC

    This could have had a devastating ending. Thank God that didn’t happen, and the little girl is home safe.

    But having said that, we need to make sure that revolving door justice doesn’t happen in this case.

  • Iris

    Why do we as a society blame the victims? There was a time I could have left my car unlocked and running with no fear of it being taken. Doors to the house never locked, bicycles parked unchained, and nothing stolen… Now it’s your fault when you get robbed.

    If a bikini clad girl at the beach gets raped is she more at fault than a nun being raped at the convent? Or are both girls victims?

    • Speakingthetruth

      Iris: No one above is blaming the victim. They have valid points. What they are pointing out is that the “victim” which yes he is a “victim” was breaking the law when he (and unfortunately his daughter) became the victims. So yes, after the girl was recovered and suspect arrested, he should have been charged. Do you not see that him breaking the law is what put his daughter in that position? So your argument (which by the way is a horrible example) about a bikini clad girl and nun getting raped is not even in the same realm of what is going on. You seem to suffer from the same mentality that all ghetto people do, lack of taking responsibility for their actions. So yes, this guy is a victim, but yes he should be charged and have to take some parenting classes. I will introduce you to a new concept, its called taking responsibility for your actions.

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