Race fans rush to Kansas Speedway for a big racing weekend

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. – This race weekend at Kansas Speedway is huge as night racing makes its debut at the track. Tens of thousands of fans are in town for a wild weekend, and leave it to FOX 4's Eric Burke to find a great spot to watch.

He perched himself at Hollywood Casino and revealed a place you may find yourself hanging out as well if you’re taking in Saturday’s race in person. He also caught up with some fans, who more than 24 hours before the green flag drops on the 5-Hour Energy 400, were already looking for their drivers.

One of the best spots, besides the grandstands, is the balcony at Turn Two restaurant inside Hollywood Casino.

“It’s awesome,” said Greg Dark.

Greg and his wife Sherri are from Springfield, Missouri. They've been season ticket holders at Kansas Speedway for years, but watching qualifying from the opposite side of the track was new to them.

“This is the first time we've been to Hollywood Casinos, been season ticket holders for years and this is first time we got to come to Hollywood Casino and see from this vantage point, pretty nice,” said Sherri.

One big difference between the pair, they have different drivers. Greg is a Kevin Harvick fan.

“We have fun with it, we don't have fights or anything. I don’t claim her,” said Greg.

Sherri likes Kyle Busch.

“It's good if Kyle is winning, it's a really good weekend for me. If he wrecks, it's not a good weekend for me, which what usually happens at Kansas,” she said.

Sherri is hoping the first ever night race at Kansas Speedway changes his luck
“I think that's going to be the turning point in this being the nemesis for Kyle. Maybe he just needs to race at night,” she pondered.

Greg said she’s dreaming.

“She gets grief when Kyle hits the wall,” Greg said with a chuckle.

Remember that if you’re not going out to Kansas Speedway you can watch Saturday night’s race on FOX 4, coverage begins at 6 o’clock.

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  • Ben

    This has to be one of the worst gatherings in KC. First, it is sponsored by a company that produces a product that cannot be healthy for anyone. After that, they pollute with air with fumes from fuel and noise that is enough to damage your hearing. (Be sure to take the kids and buy them some of the energy drink.) This will be a really exciting event, especially if a car flies in the stands and takes out a few old people. If kids die, it will be a tragedy. Leave your children at home where it is safe and they can avoid the air and noice pollution.

  • Ben

    If the risk of permanent disability or death isn’t exciting enough for you, mortgage the house and spend all your money at the casino trying to win the big prize. Just save enough for a large tent for you and your family.

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