Mark Alford demonstrates motorcycle safety techniques

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. With warmer weather comes more motorcycle wrecks. Many times, it’s the fault of the driver of a car or a truck.

FOX 4’s Mark Alford has been riding for four years and knows first-hand the importance of motorcycle safety.

“I can’t stress how important a motorcycle safety foundation course is if you plan to ride,” he said. “It not only makes you a better motorcyclist, it also makes you a better driver, and that will save a life.”

On Tuesday’s morning show, Alford and motorcycle enthusiast Larry Parks from Harley’s Riders Academy explain some of the tips that could save a life. Watch the video below to see Alford demonstrate some of the techniques that motorcyclists learn in safety classes.

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  • Janet Hankins

    But….how does motorcycle safety make a difference, when you are hit from behind and slammed into the stopped truck in front of you at a stop light?! Our friend never had a chance to continue living his life! And now…..the family isnt even given the courtesy of the name or insurance information of the woman who TOOK his life!

    • Gary_USMC

      Sorry to hear about your friend. As they said though you have to always be aware. Look in front, beside, and behind. If he had seen the vehicle coming in too fast behind him he may have been able to move out of the way…

    • Greg Plaza

      Unfortunately there are situations that no one can prepare for, as your referenced rider. But there is a bunch of knowledge to be gained by taking a safety course. I have been riding for 40 + years but, I still plan on taking this course at Gails/Gales?, Harley Davidson, just as a fresh-up class before I purchase my new bike. $600 is a small price to pay to possibly save your life.

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