Mom posts girl crying on Facebook to bring attention to her plight with school bullies

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FOSSTON, Minn. — A Minnesota mom is hoping a video she posted online will help stop children from bullying her third grade daughter on the school bus. Sarah Cymbaluk said her daughter has visited the principal’s office at least half a dozen times to ask for help.

The little girl’s brother described what it’s like for his big sister at school.

“This guy on the playground said, ‘You’re gonna die by suicide.’ They called me a son of a b—- and a motherf—er.”

At times the bullying has even become physical.

“Calling her lesbian … she’s come home with scratches and bruises,” her parents Sarah and John Cymbaluk said.

For the little girl, it’s a constant struggle.

“It makes me feel sad and scared, and I don’t like it,” she said.

Fosston Superintendent Mark Nohner said he’s only recently been made aware of the situation despite the claims of the Cymbaluks, who say they’ve been trying to get help since December.

“I found out about the situation a couple of days ago, and I think it could have been resolved without going to Facebook,” Nohner said.

Her mother said her daughter has been called to the principal’s office and has been “made to feel like it’s her fault.”

“She’s been told to ignore it,” Cymbaluk said. “She’s been told to disregard it, basically she’s been told to stuff your emotions and get on with life.”

School officials admit they dropped the ball.

Obviously somewhere along the line it feel through the cracks,” Nohner said. “So we need to review our procedures and policies and maybe do a better job articulating to the parents what we’re doing, even though we can’t be specific, we need to do a better job of getting that communication out there.”


School officials said they’re investigating but can’t elaborate on any disciplinary action because of confidentiality laws.

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  • Chaney

    They definatly need a new principle. One that will actually do his job. No way would I want to take my kid to a school were the principle is lazy. And if I was the girls mother I would sue the heck out of them for not doing anything.

  • Diane Cossin

    Last year my grandson was being bullied I took him to the bus stop and watched . I got out and confronted the kid who told me he did not do it yet I watched him. I told the Principal and her solution was to have my grandson sit in front of the bus with the bus driver and let the other kid sit in the back with the rest of the kids! What;s wrong with his picture?

  • Tamara

    My daughter didn’t get to graduate high school because of the pathetic Turner School District in Kansas. They told me to ignore it. My daughter then tried to commit suicide. It’s not ok and these people should be fired. Maybe they should be charged with a crime themselves and that would put an end to it. Its ABUSE.

  • realmom20132013

    That poor baby brought tears to my eyes. Plus, reading where the little brother heard “You’re going to die by suicide.” It breaks my heart, how cruel kids can be. I know my kiddo isn’t mean to other kids, but, we still have a conversation, once a week, about bullying, and the things that can come from it. Good job, to the mother that put this out there. It needed to be done.

  • Pat

    What is wrong with our children ? Why are they doing this to their classmates or anyone ? This would never have been tolerated when I was in school in the 50’s, teachers wouldn’t allow it to go on and we respected the teachers! Parents need to do some soul searching and find out why their cheldren are being a bully to anyone , it seams to be a disease sweeping our world cause it’s everywhere, there is is a problem in the way we are raising our children . These bully’s have no compassion for their fellow classmates ! This video brought tears to my eyes , I feel so sad for this little girl , it makes a mother want to go to school with the child and just be by her side and make sure she is not teased .

    • Tracy

      You took the words right out of my mouth!! Well said, and excellent job to the mom of this sweet and pretty little girl!! You do what it takes to stop your child from being hurt!! ❤️❤️

  • Don

    This is what Happens when you take God out of the schools and Prayer!
    No respect and real discipline. There is no treating others as you want to be treated! This is an indicator of the morale decay in America’s schools and the populous in general.

    • Autumn

      Are you serious? Or do you try to lose credibility every time you have an opinion? Julie got it right- being mean and a bully isn’t due to lack of religion (in fact history can give plenty of examples of just the opposite, but we don’t need to go there, do we?) It comes down to respect. In this case, its unfortunate that even the principle failed to acknowledge this little girl deserves it too.

    • Ben

      Don: You ignorant fool. Nobody has taken God out of the schools. God is everywhere. Did we also throw God off the highway safety program because we still have too many accidents. God is in the Catholic Church and look what happens there. Don, did I mention you are a fool.

    • Ben

      Don: Was God banned from the twin towers on 9/11? If you want mankind to rule others by their interpretation of what God wants, perhaps you should move to Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. God is in these countries, too.

  • jerry

    This is typical admin behavior at all schools. And if the bully’s parent is part of the good ol boy network then it will just swept under the carpet. Schools talk a good game about stopping bullying but they fall way short. If they arent going to do anything to stop then shouldnt say anything when my cchild deals with the bully herself.

  • Jayne

    SHAME ON MOM!! The video broke my heart. But NOWHERE does it say Mom talked to the principal, only the child. Get the whole story before blaming the school officials. As I said in a FB post, we demand privacy, yet post to our hearts content on social media. Go figure!!

    The school district has an obligation to the child to find out the truth by talking to other children on the bus. They also have an obligation to reprimand the bus driver or to repair his reputation due to the alleged incident(s). Yes, bullying happens and needs to be dealt with, but not via FB. Deal with the school admin and spare the child being exposed on FB. The general public needs to find out the truth before condemning the school admin.

    • Jamie brown

      You know the schools need to their job I say way to go mom shed doing the right thing by posting this. Its obvious she has talked to the school. That’s not the point. The point is a little girl is being bullied and our schools and government have failed her. Someone needs to step up and do the right thing and stop this shit. The parents need to start disapling their children instead of letting them do whatever they want. THEY NEED TO LEARN RESPECT

  • Tricia

    The mom made a huge mistake for not going to the school administration first. If after that no action was taken then going to the news media 2nd would have been another option before going to facebook. It’s horribly sad to put this little girl through that after what she’s already been through. My heart goes out to this little girl and her little brother.

    • Sandy

      Agreed Tricia. I feel like they failed her the most. I wonder how much of this was them wanting attention and like you said now they have put the girl in the limelight( after already suffering humiliation….)

  • Susan

    The school system is extremely lacking about things that happen at school and especially when it come to bullying. My daughter got in trouble for bringing a knife to school her 7th grade year. No one cared why she felt she needed it. She got in trouble and was expelled from school (which I agree she deserved) HOWEVER she only did it because she didn’t feel safe. She was being threated on the bus being told they were going to rape her. When brought to the attention of the school and the officials we were told that everything on the buses are recorded and they would review the tapes. We waited heard nothing so we called and were told they didn’t see anything on the tape when we asked to see them they said we taped over it. WHAT?? But that was not what prompted my daughter to bring the knife. She dropped her purse one day when going to class and lunch money fell out 3 girls saw it and grabbed her money and took it. She went to the principle and tried to report it and he wanted the names of the girls. My daughter didn’t know the girls names so then he wanted her to go and point them out. She told him she didn’t think she could point them out (figuring that would make her even more of a target) so He told her there was nothing he could do for her try to take a different route to class to avoid them. The next day they pinned her up against the wall and rummaged through her purse and took more money she was given because she told her father she lost it (which got her in trouble at home by her dad) and they told her if she didn’t have money the next day they were going to beat her up and leave her bloody. She put the knife in her purse and the next day when they came toward her she put her hand on her purse and said I have a knife and I am not afraid to use it. It was never taken out of her purse but the girls told on her and she got in trouble. That is how the school systems deals with bullies the kids who get bullied get in trouble when they try to defend themselves and the ones who bully get away scott free……ps nothing ever happened to anyone on the bus or the 3 girls who terrorized my daughter for 3 days. Her punishment however was for 47days she was segregated from all the students as school and was unable to ride the school bus for the rest of the year (thank God) and she was unable to step foot inside the school building she was taught one on one with a teacher in a storage area of the school. It turned out to be a blessing the teacher she was given was amazing and she taught my daughter academic skills that has benefited her all the way through school and now college. This happened over 7 years ago and I looks as though NOTHING has changed.

  • Sandy

    Just curious though…. I don’t see anywhere where the parents have done anything prior to this to help this girl. They expect the school to take it seriously which they should but no mention of them going to the school themselves. Sorry, but this is a parental fail too.

      • Jayne

        The statement is that the girl went to the principals office. The parents did NOT. The parents are well known for their attention grabbing stunts in this community. Unfortunately a little girl was the victim this time. Even more sad, it was their own daughter. Not surprisingly, the uproar died down once mom had her 15 minutes of fame.

  • Ann

    They don’t care. Schools couldn’t care less. They will tout the “anti-bullying” policy but will victim blame every time. The teachers who are supposed to monitor during recess stand around socializing and pretend they don’t see anything. The only way to get a response is to go to the police and embarrass the school. Oe apparently, telling the media. It is sickening. But let your child shoot a spitball or make a gun out of their finger to play cops n robbers and your child will find themselves suspended.

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