Shocking video shows motorcycle crash in Excelsior Springs, rider survives (amazingly)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo. — The Excelsior Springs Police Department released video of a motorcycle accident that occurred Friday, May 9, 2014. By looking at the video, it’s difficult to believe the rider survived. However, according to police, the rider was wearing a helmet and was not seriously injured.

Warning: Video may be difficult to watch for some people.

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  • Sarah

    I don’t even have to read any of the comments here to put in my two cents. The rider had the right of way….PERIOD. There was no reason he should’ve had to swerve out of the way etc as others have posted. Its common knowledge for people that actually know how to drive. The green light right of way goes to the people going straight…ALL OTHERS THAT ARE TURNING YIELD. Glad this man didn’t end up in my operating room or worse.

  • Willie Houston

    I am a rider for many years and agree that this is a most disturbing video. I find it amazing that anyone could say that the rider had no fault in this. While it is definately a case of an SUV driver in neglect, the rider had some amount of room to at least attempt an evasive maneuver and the video clearly shows that he made no attempt. That may or may not have been because of lack of experience or training, he may have simply panicked. Regardless, any rider should always keep in mind the concept that there are lots of vehicles out there driven by idiots, and since they dont have a glowing neon light on top of them, we have to assume that everyone of them are out to kill us, therefore ride defensively.

  • Ducky

    As a Rider and a driver, I seem to remember the teachings of my drivers ed, unless you have a DEDICATED GREEN ARROW for turning, you ARE TO YIELD to on coming straight traffic, whether it’s a bike, car, truck, unicycle, whatever. I can’t say what speed the bike was at, it matters not what “gear” he had on, has no bearing on the fact the driver didn’t follow the laws of traffic lights. I’ve had my share of tickets over the years for not following the Yield part of a green light. I’m just glad he is alive.

    Season is here, stop the distractions of stereos and phones and anything that takes your mind off the roads and the bikes that are out there.

    Nothing is more important than a life.

  • floyd harper

    This happened to me last year at Folly Beach in SC. I wasn’t hurt. I did think to hit the “kill” switch before the crash. That way the bike doesn’t chase you around in the street.

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