Caught on Camera: Teacher yanks student, grabs him by face

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(CNN) – An Ohio teacher is caught on camera grabbing a student in an apparent fit of anger. The student’s parents are enraged.

Anthony and Autumn Nelson are still stunned by what happened to their 6-year-old son Ian last Wednesday. In a video they provided to us, the Riverdale School kindergartner is walking down the hallway to go to the bathroom.

The surveillance camera then shows his teacher, Barb Williams, confront him as he steps out of the bathroom. The teacher grabs Ian and pins him up against the wall, then grabs him by the face. It doesn’t end there. She picks him up by his shirt and his head flops back.

The boys father, Anthony Nelson, told CNN “we thought it was just a little incident that happened, and that’s what the school made it out to sound like. And then all of a sudden we get this video today and this is just outrageous.”

The Nelsons say Ian had a bruise to the back of his head. A letter Tuesday from Riverdale Superintendent Eric Hoffman informed Barb Williams that she is suspended for ten days without pay.

In his words: “your repeated use of physical force was completely unwarranted and unprofessional.”

The Nelsons want her terminated. They plan to take the video to the Hancock County Sheriff’s office to pursue criminal charges.

Ian has been moved to a different kindergarten class here at the school and seems to be happier, but his parents worry this incident will have a long-term impact on him.

“He’s scared of her. Even going to the school next year or the year after, he will still have to see her if she is present in the building. That’s probably going to scare him.” Said his mother, Autumn Nelson.

Our attempts to reach the superintendent by email have not been successful. His letter to the teacher warned Williams that she’ll be fired if there is any future misconduct.

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  • Stephanie

    This happened to my son back in 1996 in Blue Springs but no one believed us! The teacher and the principal both female were abusive! Just because she is a teacher does not make her a good teacher. I hope she never teaches again!

  • Roberta

    If this were my child her head would roll! She needs fired period. Unfortunately that won’t be enough because she will just go to another school and repeat the incident until she gets caught and as we can all see their are no serious consequence to this kind of abusive behavior. Had this been a parent they would be raising bond money right now.

    I would also post this on every facebook page and group i could reaching hundreds of thousands of parents. In fact I will certainly share it on mine. I would go a step further and sue her, and press charges. I own a marketing company, so I would additionally email this video out to my 252,000,000. Consumer Email addresses in addition to every school in my 52 Million Business Email database. She would regret the day she traumatized my child and I hope she regrets the day she traumatized this little boy as well.

    • Rita

      that was totally uncalled for, i can see why the parents are enraged, and sorry but the school suspending her for 10 days without pay is not acceptable, so what the school is saying is that is ok for you to send your child to school to be abused, but you better not spank your child at home and leave a tiny mark on him or they have to hotline you as the parent because you intentionally hurt your child and that you should be arrested.I sent my kids to school for an education and while there the school was responsible for their safety and this animal that we all see in the video is not there to protect this child she was harming him emotionally and physically and something for sure needs to be done, not only would i sue the teacher but i would sue the school district for allowing this kind of behavior with only the teacher being suspended without pay for 10 days, rest assure that you need to file criminal charges against this woman, think of it this way not only will you be helping your child but every other child that this animal may come in contact with. I mean really from the looks of the video there was no rhyme or reason for this kind of behavior from a teacher. to pick a child up and slam him against the wall then grab his face with the force she used if it was my child or grandchild she would be at the hospital having a major surgery with my foot being removed from her behind and from there she would be going to jail.

    • Kelli

      Roberta, I would suggest that for the sake of THIS child and any other that she may come in contact with you go ahead and do all of the things that you mentioned in your comment. It is time for us all to start taking action for things like this if the schools and powers that be won’t. Please don’t get me wrong, I am in no way suggesting violence I am just saying that EVERY parent in that school, every parent for that matter, should be OUTRAGED and DEMAND that action be taken!!! If the school saw me as a parent acting this way to MY child they would have me arrested and the same should have happened to her!!! Sick, just sick!

  • Michelle Carter

    The school needs to fire that teacher, kids that age are so impressionable, it also promotes BULLYING, something we are trying to stop. Something needs to be done and done NOW.

  • Matt

    That kid will probably develop future trauma as a result of this attack, and will try to subconsciously help himself by hurting other people in the same way, likely even in a worse way, he may also develop a fear/hatred of women and we all know where that can lead. Definitely unacceptable, she needs to be fired!

  • Billie Bartley

    If an adult did that to another adult-it would be assault. They need to charge her and fire her. What doe’s this teach kids on handling conflict? zero tolerance remember? Teachers included

  • sealba65

    From the sound of the letter, it would seem as if this was not the first incident of this kind with this “professional educater “. It doesn’t say where they got the video, Who sent it to the parents? I don’t know., but I DO know I would be sharing a cell with her or any other adult caught on freaking tape ABUSING my 6 yr old grandchild! . .only one of us would be WALKING out. The other… would get what was coming to her or him..

  • Sara Sue Ashley

    OK I am a little different here. Yes that was uncalled for but call me crazy I think they should bring back the paddle! i got it when I was little 3 swats on my butt and I promise you i remembered it every time i thought of misbehaving! I did not fear my principal, I do not have ptsd and i didn’t feel bullied. i knew i had crossed a line and i must suffer the consequence.

  • Maria T.

    Well what exactly is this teacher claiming this kid did to merit her grabbing this kid and abusing him like that? I can’t seem to find out why she did this. I know she’s a nutcase, but no one seems to report WHY she did this. Apparently what the stories keep failing to do, is report that she’s had issues with his parents too for months. You know there are two sides to each story. On the flip side, kids act like little monsters, push a teacher’s limit and then the parents not only blame everything on the teachers but expect them to raise their children as well.

    • Margaret

      Michael, I bet you don’t suffer from PTSD either! This is why we have major issues with youth today. We teach them they don’t have to respect authority and run to their rescue instead of making them deal with situations themselves. I’m not saying they (parents) shouldn’t have been notified, after all he’s only six. I just don’t think it should have been made such a big deal. Parents need to teach respect, then maybe this wouldn’t have happened. SMH I fear for the future!

  • donna

    No small child in school should be handled like she did.. If she has issues with the parents that’s her problem, you don’t take it out on the child, if the child was in the bathroom to long then you find out why, not man handle him.. This teacher is over stepping her power as a teacher.. And for the one who sent the parents the video.. 3 cheers for you for stepping up..the school would had made it disappear… She needs to be fired as the letter states she has done this before..

  • Jennifer

    I don’t agree with what the teacher did, but what if the kid kept picking on other kids, running out of class whenever he felt like it, damaging property, breaking the rules, etc.? And didn’t respond to any other discipline? Maybe this teacher was just beyond fed up. That would be the parents’ fault.

  • michelle

    i dont know the circumstance in which this happened, but i can say this. bevause of the people who cant mind their own business when it comes to.parents disaplining our own children, kids are now growning up to believe they now have no rules. the future is in fact a scary place because u didn’t teach your own kid respect which btw includes disapline, he or she will not respect anything or anyone else. im not saying the teacher was right by no means. but if alot of people would teach their kids respect at home, thesw things would happen less frequently. go ahead stand up for your kids when they’re wrong. but also keep in mind. u will.have to post the bail money when they are older and disrespectful to authority.

    • Maria T.

      Michelle, I couldn’t have said it better myself. So many are taking the teachers side which is understandable but I’ve been first witness to children being so disrespectful to adults, that the parents turn a blind eye. I mean foul language and even F U’s to their own parents and they aren’t even teenagers yet. Disgusting. I have a feeling this kid is no angel and eventually, this poor teacher after dealing with these brats for so many years, just snapped.

    • Maria T.

      You’re obviously an idiot who votes Republican. You know…someone who can’t think for themselves. Be prepared for the White House to remain under Democratic rule. for the next 9 1/2 years. Dumb@$$

      • I C. Dumb People

        Love it when the most stupid people on earth = Liberal Demonrats, insinuate that those that stand for right, good and logic don’t know how to think. Hypicritics. This is a very good representation of a democrat. This IS the way they conduct themselves…bullying and intimidation! Just like the liar in the white house!

  • Crazy mamalion

    Idc teacher principal who ever u are u dont get voilent with a child no matter what did or didnt do this is disgusting. A child that young having an incident like this happening in school which is supposed to be a “safe” place could be scared for life emotionally. And could ruin theyre school experience and trust with other humans permanently. As a mother of a child about to start kindergarten if the teacher even makes my child feel scared or discipline in a physical way she better be ready for a fight and so sorry idc what it took she would never teach again thats the end of my rant sorry folks but this just made my blood BOIL.GRRRR

  • Carrie wisner

    That’s another debate corporal punishment. Yes there are parents that don’t do disciplining at home and poor kids have to be humiliated repleatedly in classrooms for dicipline probs. that will always be there are better parents and not so good ones. And hopefully we all get better sooner than later. There is no corporal punishment allowed and I grew up 70’s and have had a few paddles but never got picked up, dragged and my face squeezed. this lady/teacher needs to be brought up in every chargr, fire her. With that being said, where’s protacol for kids with behavior probs, assuming he is a terrible kid. Totally unacceptable. Again there are procedures in place so hotheads like her don’t cross line, where are they?

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