Missouri lawmakers approve three-day abortion waiting period

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(CNN) — Missouri lawmakers gave final approval to a measure that requires a woman to wait 72 hours from her initial doctor’s visit before she gets an abortion.

The Republican-controlled House voted 111-39 in favor of the legislation late Wednesday.

Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, has not said whether he’ll sign it.

If the governor signs the bill into law, it will triple the time a woman has to wait to have an abortion in the state.

“Currently, Missouri requires a 24-hour waiting period between the time a woman seeks her first consultation and exam from a physician and the time she returns to undergo an abortion procedure,” state Rep. Kevin Elmer said in a statement.

Elmer, who sponsored the bill known as HB1307, said the legislation would give the woman more time to review her decision.

“This bill is a way to give a potential mother some additional time to think about this life-altering decision, and to talk to family and friends who can help provide support during what is undoubtedly a difficult and emotional time,” Elmer said in a statement.

“This bill is really an effort to balance the rights of the mother with the rights of the unborn child. We are not denying the mother her rights, but simply asking her to give more thought before making a decision that she may later regret.”

Abortion rights advocates slammed the bill, describing it as an intrusion on personal lives.

“Governor Nixon must veto this bill and stand firmly with a woman’s right to make her own private medical decisions, including the decision of whether to have an abortion, in consultation with her doctor,” said Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

But anti-abortion group Missouri Right to Life said the measure is long overdue.

It “will save babies and protect all women, both adults and minors, from abortion clinics seeking to make a profit on an abortion,” it said in a statement.

The Missouri Senate approved the bill Tuesday in a 22-9 vote after Democrats decided to forgo a filibuster, CNN affiliate KOMU reported.

If it’s signed into law, Missouri will join South Dakota and Utah, both of which have a 72-hour waiting period.

By Faith Karimi and Jennifer Feldman

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    • Amy

      Gary, you couldn’t be more wrong. You obviously have know very few people who have been in this situation. Have you never made a quick session and then changed your mind?

  • Jenni

    So the law is allowing a few extra days for a woman to decide rather or not they want to murder their child. BS!!!!! What’s 72 hours going to by compared to 24?? If she is in the office to begin with, their decision has been made.
    It is sad that our laws will protect animals yet won’t an unborn child..

    • Taylor

      Because during the period of time you can get an abortion in Missouri it isn’t a child yet. Its just a mass of cells that can’t survive for even a moment outside of the mother. There is no brain activity or anything that really separates it from a tumor (aside from the genetic material).

  • squeaky wheeler

    I’m a woman and I want to know about the father’s rights. Great that the law gives the woman 72 hours to figure things out for herself and her kid, but what about the dad? I think it’s B.S. that the dad has to pay for a kid that is born, but has no say in whether or not it gets born.

    Also… pretty sure Missouri Right to Life is not an “anti-abortion” group but a “pro-life” group.

    • Jaxx

      I like your thoughts on that. What about the father’s rights? What if he wants the child? Do they not consider them? I don’t want to get started on this topic, but I do like the question you pose.

    • me

      I understand and agree that if a woman decides to move forward with a pregnancy a man doesn’t want, he shouldn’t have to be financially responsible but should also give up all rights at birth. A man should not have a right to force a decision on a woman’s body. Giving the man a choice affecting a woman’s body would lead to the potential for abuse and control in some circumstances. More male birth control options would be great, although if it took his sex drive away it probably wouldn’t pass the FDA unlike female birth control options.

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