Wear and share wristbands to remember: You Matter

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You Matter wristbandsMay is National Mental Health Awareness Month. The following mental health agencies have partnered with FOX 4 to distribute YOU MATTER wristbands from FOX 4.

Contact one of these organizations for mental health questions and to get your bracelet. (Supply is limited. Wristbands will be distributed first come, first served, while supplies last.)

Take care of your physical health. Take care of your mental health.

Wear the wristband to remember: You matter.

The wristbands will be available beginning May 9 at the following locations:

Truman Medical Center Behavioral Health                                                         

Johnson County Mental Health

Tri-County Mental Health
(816) 468-0400


Wyandot, Inc

Jewish Family Services


NAMI of Greater Kansas City
(816) 931-0030

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    • debbiefoster

      dc:you are a jerk! Must be nice not to have the stresses in your life that cause this disease. Grow a heart. You are not The Almighty & I pray you’ll never get to the point where you have to experience this. I feel very sorry for you. Even if you’re not a believer, find a way to get that rock out of your chest that you call a heart & realize reality. I feel sorry for your family, too, having to deal with such a cold attitude. Are you sure you don’t also have this malady?

  • Elizabeth Austain

    I think that is awesome that we have bracelets to symbolize mental health. When I was young I needed some mental help for things that happened in my life when I was younger and they really do help people. I am I totally different person that loves to help people.

  • Angie Glaze

    Wyandot does not have them/. I tried already. I REALLY wanted one for my 8 year old who recently hasbeendiagnosed with anxiety and depression from being bullied andsome other issues and we were there for our first 3 hour appointment and no one had anyidea where to get one around there. Will they mail these or do I have to drive there to pick one up?

  • Nichole

    i would like to get a bracelet as there is a long history of mental illness in my family including my
    3 sons & myself. Where can I get 1 from?? I do live in KC area as well. Thank You, Nichole

  • Beth Wade

    We are a loving warm family of 7 extended with more spouses and grandchildren to make it even larger. Bracelets are something my family would love to wear proudly if we could get them. Myself and two of my children suffer from bipolar and another child suffers from depression and O.C.D.. I have been hospitalized from a suicide attempt and my two children along with myself have constant problems with hopelessness for no reason and without family support and medical help we would not survive, Please understand and let us have a full life.

  • Brandy 'Angel Starr' Doolen

    I have been battling depression and PTSD and several other issues since I was a little girl. I am now (almost) 34 years old (on St. Patrick’s Day) and still struggle every day. Some days are better than others and them some days nothing seems worth it. It’s difficult to remind myself on those days of all the things I’m grateful for, but I do. I’ve tried finding a piece of jewelry of some kids to wear so on those days when I see it, it could help remind me. I find comfort on those days when I see your promo for mental health awareness. It hurts still not to see Don on your program. I want you all to know what it means that you continue to show tribute and support for people like me. Thank you. You’re all in my prayers always.

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