Problem Solvers investigation into meat company catches city’s attention

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A door-to-door meat company that the FOX 4 Problem Solvers warned you about is now in serious trouble with the Kansas City Health Department.

We've been doing stories about problems with this company for more than year. This month Kansas City's health department decided to pay it a surprise visit, but was refused entry.

In fact, the health department's reception was a lot like the one we got when we paid a visit to the company, which is now operating under the name ‘Direct Foods.’ Last year it was ‘Ur Local Butcher.’ Before that it was ‘Ranchhouse Meats.’

But hey no matter what the name, you can't bar the health department from entry, or you will be shut down. The Kansas City Health Department tells us it is now in the process of suspending the company's license to sell food.

Meanwhile more complaints keep coming in. Mom Ashley Shamblin called FOX 4 Problem Solvers after her food stamps card was charged $700 for a $350 order, leaving her with almost no money to feed a family of nine.

When she complained, the owner of the company, Rodney Creighton reimbursed her the money, but the very next month:

“Again on May 13 they withdrew $489 on my card again and a $12 voice transaction,” she said.

She said this happened even though she hadn't bought anything from the company. This time when she called to complain:

“I have been calling, leaving messages. So far, no returned phone calls. I contacted the food stamps office, the USDA and the police,” she said.

But so far, she hasn't heard a word. In the past Creighton has blamed any problems he's had on the occasional bad employee. But public records show Creighton owes tens of thousands of dollars in back taxes to multiple states. Also, FOX 4 Problem Solvers could find none of the permits required to do business in Missouri.

If you are contacted by anyone selling for ‘Direct Foods,’ the Kansas City Health Department would like to hear from you. You can call the city's 311 hotline if you want to file a report.

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  • Tom

    The usual line is, “I was delivering to someone down the street/a block over and they didn’t have the money/weren’t home so I can give this to you at a steep discount.”

    Do I look like I will buy meat from a door to door salesman?

  • Db

    Don’t make it a “food stamp” issue! These people have ripped off people who pay with cash just as often as people with food stamps. A con is a con no matter what the pay method.

  • Bob Anders

    Direct Foods (Ranch House) ripped of my elder father off for his social security. A 78 year old man does not need $600.00 work of meat. Salesman gave him a sob story and proceeded to run his debit card for 4 times the agree amount. This company must be stoppped!!!

  • Diane O'Bryan

    This Co. Also ripped off my mom for $150, they came by and said like the guy above had someone that wasn’t home, and he was late picking his daughter up but had no money to get gas. When I told him I had to go in and talk to mom and dad he insisted on coming in with me. Dad kept saying no, but when he dropped the price to $300 for 4 boxes of meat we started throwing money together to see what we could come up with.
    We came up with $150 cash and he told mom she could just write a check for the other half. Should of been $150 but he had her write it for $300.
    My nephew who was there also ran into him at his friends house and confronted him, the guy told him the other $50 was for taxes on the meat.
    This wasn’t the first time we had done business with him, because in the weekends he’s at the Boulevard SwapNShop selling out if the back of his truck! Guess who’s going to get a visit this weekend! Lol

  • Tysinn

    I’m about as left wing as you get, and i still support government assistance but shame on that woman for using foodstamps to buy steaks. It’s people like that, that give republicans ammo to help get rid of assistance programs that really help people in need.

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