Joe’s Weather Blog: You Know The Routine

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Good morning and for those who have served or are serving we remember and thank you today (really every day) for what you have done for our country!


Rest of today: Mostly cloudy with some sunshine (thin spots in the clouds). Temperatures today will not be as warm as yesterday with highs around 80°. Winds will be south at 5-15 MPH. Storm chances will develop again in the afternoon but the coverage will not be that great it appears.

Tonight: Any activity falls apart and we remain warm and muggy with lows near 65°

Tomorrow: A bit warmer with more sunshine and continued chances of storms, especially after 3PM through 10PM or so. You know the routine.


Short one today with essentially the same song different verse playing. The latest satellite images are showing a train of cloud cover moving up the state line…this is problematic for those who want some rainfall because all the clouds will reduce the heating and cut back on the convection…maybe not eliminate it but probably reduce it today…all because of the same upper level storm that’s been talked about for about 10 days now.


The clouds should thin somewhat today and assuming we can get above 75-80° we should be unstable enough to fire off at least some convection. We really need to thin those clouds though for that to happen…whether it be here or down to our south or southwest.

For those who want to keep an eye on the radar…here you go…this will be from the NWS in Pleasant Hill, MO


Rainfall amounts last night were nothing to write home about around the KC immediate area, although some folks did get a nice shot of rain. Seems most of the metro reporting stations had less than 1/4″ or so. So for many around KC the weekend rains have amounted to about 1/4-3/4″…some though have done much better than that! Here is a look at the rainfall from 5/23-26 at 7AM. Click onthe image to make it more readable.

ScreenHunter_06 May. 26 09.17

The region that did the best out of all this, and may get at least some more today is TX…there drought has been prolonged and nasty for the last few years…this was very helpful and will have lingering effects for weeks to come in the form of higher dewpoints down there and also the increased potential of convection with the moisture now in place as opposed to the baked surfaces.

ScreenHunter_07 May. 26 09.18

Today should be the last day with the widespread rainfall in central and parts of western TX. The focus will shift eastwards tomorrow and WED with the path of the upper level storm.

Finally today, check out this image from the UP of MI…where temperatures have warmed into the 70s/80s (even some record highs up there lately). Folks there after a long winter want to go to the beach. You can’t blame them right. One problem…

No those aren’t waves out there…those are chunks of ice. In late May…when it’s around 80°.

Here are some images sent out from the NWS in Marquette, MI…

and so it goes for the unofficial start of summer in the USA.



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